WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! ---- FREE 15-20 18650 battery giveaway

Random.org picks number 11, none other than the illustrious mkett39. Mr. (or Ms.) mkett39 if you will send me your mailing address, I’ll get these right out to you. If this winner fails to contact me in 48 hours, I will do random.org again and select a new winner.

Several of you messaged me and suggested that I give away 10 batteries instead of 15-20. Will do that the next time, and there WILL+ be a next time. I have a SERIOUS addiction. Just since the contest started, I pulled another 18 batteries out of packs. 12 Sanyos and 6 Samsung turquoise 1300 high outputs. So the 15-20 I just gave away didn’t even make a dent!

WOW!!! Hoo-hah!!

Free giveaway of 15-20 18650 WORKING GREAT-SHAPE pack pulls, basically as many as I can fit in a small flat-rate box.

Will also include one or more HANDY 18650 power-pack battery holders (handy for shipping or for holding cells so they don’t roll) and maybe a couple battery storage boxes, for shipping purposes. (The pack holders are what’s holding the batteries from rolling in the picture.)

Okay, I need to thin the herd. I am being buried alive by pack pulls, exceeding 200 at this point. I’m going to start off with 15-20 18650s, plus some 14500s (if they’ll fit) and gauge the interest. You will definitely get the cells pictured, and maybe more, if I can fit more 18650s in the box.

All of the pulls have been tested and cycled at least five times – sometimes 20-30 times – through various flashlights. All had more than 2 volts when pulled (usually 3+ volts). ALL have an extra transparent shrink tube install;led by me to cover any nicks (plus it makes the cells look bright and shiny new). ALL batteries have been tested and work great. Some hold a 4.20 charge for a month or longer; some may drop to 4.15-4.12 after a couple weeks or a month, but I would never give away bogus pulls.

NONE get hot when charging or discharging. NONE had any staining or marks indicating mistreatment. ALL are unprotected. The writing on the batteries indicates when I charged ’em and how many volts they took and max mah. The notes are in sharpie and most can be simply wiped off with a little alcohol if you don’t want to see my ravings. A couple have small solder blobs so you can use them in lights with no springs.

Be aware that these are UNPROTECTED, mostly flat tops. If you are a newbie, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere if you don’t understand the responsibility of li-ion batteries, especially unprotected ones. Or if you don’t want to check these after charging and discharging, also look elsewhere. I throw away any even slightly dubious batteries that get warm or have staining or had low voltages when recovered, BUT like all batteries, you are on your own once these are in your hands. I am NOT responsible if you overdischarge these, and one vents with flames. The chances of that happening are 1 in a million, but you have been warned: Treat them right and they will treat you right. They worked fine when they left here, but there’s no gurantee how long they will last: 2 weeks or 200 years.

From, top left, you’ll get 15-20 batteries total (or how many fit in a small flat-rate box): 2 blue LG 2200 mah (only cycled a few times; need some more cycles to see how good/bad these are); 2 green 1500 mah high-discharge Sonys, from tool packs; 3 various 2000-2200mah tan/ICR/LG; 3 2200 light green Samsung (only cycled a few times; need some more cycles to see how good/bad these are); 2 light-blue CGRD 2400 mah Panasonics ; 2 gray 2400 mah Samsungs, 1 2600 mah pink Samsung.

Yeah, some are lower mah. I’m giving away a cross-section of my pulls, which include 2000-2800 mah 18650s. But I see that some blfers still use the horrible red-white ultrafires. I guarantee that these pulls (even the 2000 mah) will beat the pants off those batteries and about any *fire (even some TFFs). The 2400 Samsung and Panasonics will handle just about anything you throw at ’em.

To enter, just say you want to enter in this thread. Must be a BLF member as of 2-1-13. I will use random.org to choose the winner on Sat., Feb. 9. Winner pays nothing. I even pay postage. U.S. ONLY!!! Can’t ship li-ions internationally sorry. If people want these, I’ll do more battery giveaways. I have way too many. Then again, there may be no interest. In which case, I’ll be taking some to the recycling center by next week. :–0

Thanks for looking and good luck if you decide to enter!!!

yeah, def count me in

Thanks for the giveaway.

I’m in! (But would happily split the pot. I’ll pick up postage for the second/third winner.)

Count me in…thanks!These should work well in single cell lights.

I enter, thanks.

Count me in. Thanks

Pretty colors 8)
Count me in! :bigsmile:

Oh in for sure on this!

For sure don’t recycle any decent ones. I’m sure a lot of us would pay postage at least.

Thanks for the giveaway, but as I have around 100 spares already; count me out. ;)

I’m in!!

count me in please. thanks for the giveaway

In please

yeh babyyyy…count me in ….I’m on a roll… :smiley:

Great giveaway Ubehebe, but ill have to pass. I don’t have near as many as Scaru, maybe thirty-thirty five, more than enough. The temptation is strong but it is powered by greed. Better for a member with only a couple of crappy Ultrafires that should be upgraded.
It is a fine giveaway.

Awesome giveaway, count me out as I’m Canadian. I just wanted to say, that’s a cool idea for a giveaway :slight_smile:

Have converted some co-workers here and together a few more cells would be

I’m in, would be nice to have some extras. Thanks for the giveaway!

I’m in, thanks for doing this giveaway

Count me in!

I’m in… many thanks.