[We have a winner] Tiny Solarforce giveaway

Well well well BLF, long time no see!

I’m not very active these times, so I thought, time for a giveaway! People do 1000/2000/3000 posts giveaway, I guess I’ll do 200 posts giveaway (note quite) :slight_smile:

So, for my first giveaway (noticed how many time I wrote “giveaway” in a few sentences? Wow), this is a Solarforce combo:

(notice the ugly picture? Yeah, I hate taking photos)

L2 body, L2m tailcap with forward clicky (ano is not that unmatched with body and head), L2n head. All brand new from the factory. There’s a little ano defect on the head, received it like this…

Unfortunately, money is tight for me these times (taxes, always taxes…), so I apologize, but since I live in EU and since shipping is expensive, EU only please, unless you are ready to pay shipping, of course :wink: (speaking of shipping, host will be shipped airmail without tracking, sorry).

The giveaway is open to any member who has become a member on or before 10/15/2014.
Your post number is your lucky number. I’ll use Random.org for the drawing.
This giveaway will close sometime on October 26th., 2014.

One entry per person.

Up to you now, ladies and gentlemen!

Winner is n° 13

That would make jmpaul320 the winner, but since he’s not in, winner is #14, kostas147 :slight_smile: Please PM me with your address and personal details

thanks for the giveaway, i´m taking the lucky number!
I haven’t had a solarforce, would love to have the chance. count me in please

I’ll take number 2 then please

Wow! Nice comeback :-)

I'll take lucky number 2 (unless someone posted before me but after totilde because I write so slowly since I cannot decide what to say or if it is good enough or if there are too many paranthesis or perhaps my sentenses makes no sense either because I hardly use any formatting nor punctuation or perhaps because they are simply getting too long because I ahve soo many things to say but am selfconscious about it to the n´th power)


Thanks for the giveaway, please count me in :smiley:

Lol, you’ll get number 3 :wink:

nice gift ,i am in ,thanks .

The pic sure is ugly but I am in.

Thank, i am in.

i never had a solarforce - count me in please!

I’m from Europe and “in”! :wink:

Count me in please thank you

I am in.

I am not in, since I am from the US.

But thank you for the generous giveaway. :slight_smile:

Please count me in!


I´m in please! 8)

Don’t own a solarforce but hear lots of good stuff about it so count me in :slight_smile:

Not in but thanks doing this nice giveaway :beer:

Thanks for the neat giveaway!

Thank you I’m in