Weapons light questions...

I bought an off brand weapons light called Cisno, and is pretty bright, until I attach pressure switch, then it’s maybe half as bright.
I presume there is a lot more resistance in the pressure switch than the tail cap switch.
So…. I order a Ultrafire 502b with pressure switch, and it isn’t even as close as the Cisno is with pressure switch attached, plus it has a greenish tint, and isn’t a nice bean by any means, looks more like a regular bulb than an led.
From what I can read here, or understand, a P60 drop in will fit the Ultrafire. Will this give me a lot of improvement, as long as the pressure switch doesn’t limit the current?
Or is there a better option? Maybe a better pressure switch along with a better led?

Use solarforce with the M3 head n pressure switch!!

I don’t see a pressure switch, maybe they are sold out for the time being.

Yup I think so too… tinydeal is also out

Dude! A weapon light?! Do you bash with it or does the light actually shoot destructive beams? (sorry, could not resist) (I’ll get me coat)

I don’t know if you want to mod or not, but if you mod any electronic switch (just about all forward switches) by taking out the switch, removing the tail-cap from the pressure switch and wiring it in where the switch was, then seal the hole somehow.
no added resistance at all :wink:

Cheers David

I use a Solarfoce L2P, with a Blackhawk offset low-profile mount. I paid $18 for the mount in March. They have gone up in price since then, though.
The L2P works great. I decided to go with a single mode drop-in so that there is never any confusion as to which mode I’m in.
This is the drop-in I’m using in it:


SolarForce dropped their pressure switches last year. I called after an order of parts and two pressure switches. Everything came but the switches, in the email they said that they had discontinued the switch. A few days later I got a refund and they took the item off their site. Armytek pressure Version 1 switches are not compatible.

Thanks guys. I have a few Solarforce lights, so will try the M3 head and order the drop in. If I have to do without the pressure switch it’s no big deal.