Welcome to new advertiser/sponsor: Tmart.com

Hi everyone,

You probably noticed that we now have a new advertiser in the first vertical ad banner space, which is now being used by Tmart.com. Many thanks to Tmart for their support! So if you’re planning to visit Tmart or want to check out their flashlight stuff, I’d appreciate it if you could go there via clicking on the Tmart banner, so they know how much traffic is coming from BLF.

Thanks, and have fun!

Ha nice going to click on it right after posting this to check it out .

Do you hate us if we use ad-blockers? :innocent:

Just do normal browsing with a flash disabled browser and be done with the annoying and possible dangerous ads
The few sites that need flash if any I do in another one

Looks like they got a new logo

No, I respect everybody’s right to decide. In fact I use an ad blocker myself, but I disable it for sites that I want to support, provided they don’t serve obnoxious ads.

Maybe their service will be better and they will stop putting false description of their products

:wink: :smiling_imp:

I have always liked TMart. It’s nice to get quick delivery (within days) from the New Jersey warehouse.