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Nothing says “Hey! Let’s load some firearms & Go out in the woods” Like Busch’s new Fluorescent orange 2013 Special Edition 30 pack. It’s very design ensures loss prevention & allows your buddy to not shoot at you while you’re drinking it.

Bwah ha ha ha

PS. & for the inevitable beer snob who has to point out it’s cheap beer… Come drink 12 of em with me and see how you fare.

nowt wrong wi cheap beer, I’m on aldi home brand bitter at the moment, it nicer than most bitters I’ve tried (an awful lot tbh) and dirt cheap lol

I can tell you’ve been drinking by your typing already. :wink:


Only 12?Sounds like a dull night!At the cabin you must have at least 18-30 before emptying a magazine!Must be a different part on WVa? :smiley:

Put up or shut up!!! LOL :smiley:

OK, OK….you called me out tonight!But next month some friends and I are heading to the cabin. I’ll have some pictures then.We also blow stuff up….already have two airbags to set off.As the beer flows, “better” ideas will follow!If your heading to the Romney area you should join us Dale!Flashlights, guns, beer, food…ect.Always a fun time! :slight_smile:

Good to wave around if you fall overboard from a boat.

Eastern Pan handle. Where are you in relation to Motown?

Not where I am now but where I will be in a few weeks.Romney is in Hampshire county, just a bit east of you.PM me if you are interested in coming out next month.


not my fault you can’t speak English English :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Don’t get cross wi me, but shouldn’t that be “NOWT” my fault…“??

Second week of deer camp

LOL! you ain’t getting outta this one clean G.

Actually, that is a little closer to what actually happens at the cabin

Hope it’s not you but even with them long locks it looks like he’ll be bald in a few years. Oh well, at least he’ll have plenty for a comb over.

Sir, I have never rocked a mullet in my life.

shouldn’t that be nothing my fault?

nope sorry dont make sense.

nowt = nothing.

as in the common phrase “you dont get owt f’ nowt”

as I say, learn English English.