Well I Just Ordered An Elektro Lumens ST90 Search&Rescue Extreme Flashlight

I just got done talking to Wayne on the phone who was out walking at the time. Thanks for talking to me Wayne. Super nice guy that Wayne is. But I placed my order after chatting with Wayne about the ST90 Search&Rescue Extreme flashlight. I should get it next week. Now the wait begins.

You da man. I just can’t justify it. But I’d love to fire that beam up in the sky.

When ya get it flash a turbo shot my way will ya? I’ll flash ya back with about 50 X8’s.


Thanks guys. Wayne told me he has got lux readings as high as 150,000 lux on some models. That’s pretty bad right there. This could be my light of all lights. I’m pretty excited.

I must admit I love the look of that reflector.

Wayne told me that 500yds is just warming up for this light.

When you get it, would you mind comparing it to your halogen spotlight?

I want to see some pics comparing it to your k40 and tk70

More interesting comparison would be against Trustfire X6 and “50w”+ HID’s.

Waiting for the 4xAA version :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats on the purchase, I’m sure its worth the money.

Beamshots anyone? I do have the X6 & HID… it’s on holiday sale for 199.99 instead of the 259.99. Makes me really want to get one.

Will do. But that won’t be a very fair comparison. Nothing I have seems to touch that light.

And yes I will compare it to the TK70 and K40.

We all know that there is not just one light for us. Its a never ending journey that is never satisfied. LOL.

Congrats, I have always had my eye on this bad boy. Cant wait for your impressions of it.

ILF, if your neighbor won't move his pickup truck for your beamshots, you can just burn a hole through it with this beast.

Bleh…! Does not have a carry clip! J)

Congrats on your purchase! :bigsmile:

Can you do 300m & 500m beamshots? would be awesome.

That’s probably right. LOL!

Thanks a lot guys for the congrats. I have been wanting this light since I first seen it. I called my buddy Rick this morning and ask him what I should do between buying this Electro Lumens ST90, the triple XM-L TK70 look alike shorter clone that Ric at China Quality Goods had, or the TN31 that ThruNite was offering to us here. I told him which one I was leaning towards which was the Elektro Lumens and he agreed. The only thing that it had against it really was the weight at about close to 4lbs. But like Rick said and I told him the TK70 weighs 3lbs with batteries and it don’t bother me one bit. Heck I carried it down to the subdivision lake once which is probably about 500yds there and back and never noticed the weight. But when your used to packing a 8lb shotgun around the turkey woods, 4lbs is a relief believe me.

I’m am more excited on this light waiting for it to get here than what I was when I bought the TK70. And I can’t tell you how much I love that light. It’s just incredible. And it’s probably my best LED thrower so far. But the K40 I will admit is just so much more practical to handle and carry, and it throws just about as good. But I can’t wait to see what this ST90 will do to that horse barn at 445yds and all the area in front of it. It ought to even go a lot farther than that very easily according to what Wayne told me. I believe him. That’s why I bought it.

I’ll show you some at 445 yds.

nice can’t wait. Kinda stuck on another HID, BTU Shocker or this for Christmas.

There’s a lot of cons to HID’s. There’s the dreaded warmup. The bulbs can’t take the abuse of being bumped around like an LED. A lot shorter bulb life. They get hotter than all get out. Plus the turning them off and back on quickly after they are once hot drastically reduces your bulb life. All this for some better throw I just don’t see the benefits vs what you lose in return. I guess that’s why I don’t own a HID yet.

ILF, allow me to give you some new knowledge regarding HIDs backed up by first hand experience!

  • The dreaded warm up - This depends entirely on what you’re using it for, if it’s to check the backyard you’re using it wrong. An 85W eBay HID gives off 5300 OTF lumens and 225k cd. This is not for indoor use (although I use it to stun bugs before swatting). The warm up takes around 15-20 seconds. Which doesn’t matter at all if you’re going to use it for night fishing/hiking/setting up a tent/search and rescue. That being said, a HID is not very versatile for someone who won’t use it for their job.
  • The bulbs can’t take the abuse of being bumped around like an LED - Let me prove you wrong on this. Before I destroyed my Jacob A60, I did a drop test. Since I bought a 4300k bulb for my HID I had a spare 6000k bulb. I bought a new body for $20 in order to settle this with hard information. I installed the 6000k bulb in the empty body shell and left it without a battery. I also left the Jacob A60 batteryless. So far, both HID and LED light were an empty body, except for the insides which are an emitter and a driver for the A60.

I systematically dropped both in increments of 50cm. After I reached 2 meters I stopped due to the lens on the new HID body shattering. I put in batteries, and both were fine. These were dropped onto concrete. I hope this puts the myth that ‘HID bulbs are weak’ to rest.

  • They get hotter than all get out - I’m not sure what this means, but yes they do get hot. the head will reach 80C after 10 minutes, and the lens 130C.
  • turning it on for short bursts reduces the life of the bulb - Is there evidence to back this claim?

While it indeed does throw better and has more brightness it only shines when used for long periods of time, due to its 90 minute runtime. I actually tested and got 93 minutes, so that’s quite good. A HID is not something that you will use as an EDC or a toy to play with when you’re bored.

If you ignored everything else, just remember this feilox; a HID is not something you can play with when you’re bored and just flash on for short periods of time because of the warm up time. I made this mistake when I bought it. Get the BTU shocker even though it’s more expensive, because it is much more versatile and has so many more uses.