Weltool M2-BF UV-A professional Flashlight

So, I though I would make a post about the Weltool UV flashlight.
You may wonder the uses for a UV light such as this and so did I! After giving this a try I realised that this could be a very handy tool to have for around the house and also for working on the car. I have used some uv lights before but they have not been very useful as it does not put out enough and is not a very wide beam. This puts out a spectral radiosity of 350uW/cm2 up to 1100uW/cm2 so it is on the professional end of uv lights and is plenty bright enough thanks to the high light transmission tempered glass to put it to good use.

Only down side to this light is it makes you a bit obsessed with cleaning. You don’t realise the dirt on your walls and light switches until you shine this on them. I always feel I have a very clean house but as you can see in some of these pictures it really picks up on every detail left behind. This is a massive help when cleaning up as you can really get a good clean and not miss anything behind. And on a different side this I believe would be helpful for mechanics as it is very very useful for finding leaks. You shine this underneath a car and it will light up and liquid and instantly show you where the problem is. This in my opinion makes this light pretty much essential if you are a mechanic or anyone who likes to work on your own car as it will save you so much time and makes it more simple.
This is also a useful tool for security/Police alike. This light instantly tells you if someone’s identification is legitimate as it will shine up a pattern on the genuine cards. This can also be used to detect counterfeit notes in the same effect.

Another good point is price point, for what you are paying you get an absolute steal. Included is an 18650 batter and charging unit which can be used the charge from a usb powerbank or in any other USB adapter. In the pack you also get some spare o rings for if the ones currently on wear out. This is a complete ready to go kit straight out of the box.
Please find all of my photos below and take the time to notice the comparisons it will really shock you :slight_smile:

As you can see all the bearings are very well greased and tough

Welcome to BLF, Ben!

Thanks for your impression, it looks good and well-made and it has the much-needed UV-pass filter that enhances the visibility of the fluorescence.

I wonder what led Welltool is using in this flashlight.

Me, I like to build my own UV flashlights, they are smaller and have more output than the Welltool (but lack that nice purple bezel :frowning: ). And they cost me less than half of the 60+ dollar of the M2-BF.

One of the best uses for 365nm flashlights? : lighting peas! :party:

I’m not a native english speaker, what’s up with the “purple beard” written on the flashlight head???

Thank you very much for the welcome. I’m still a beginner in collecting flashlights but I have a fairly large collection of 50+ so far but cannot wait to get sharing some on here and also discovering some new ones

Djozz,You are an amazing flashlight lover

Every lighting product of weltool has a nickname. You know, many brands often have the same product model. For distinction, an independent nickname is easier to remember and not easy to confuse.
The nickname of the weltool product comes from China's literary masterpiece "Outlaws of the Marsh". This literary work tells a legendary story of fighting for fairness and freedom. There are 108 protagonists, and everyone has a stunt. They are very united and hope to break the darkness and greet a bright world (I think this is also the purpose of using lighting products, hahaha).

These heroes have a special nickname, "purple beard" is one of them, and of course there are many unique names, such as "Stumpy Tiger", "Golden-Eyed Tiger Cub", "Featherless Arrow", etc.

The M2 UV flashlight series has a purple bezel, like a purple beard? Hahaha, this is no longer important, we should always add some color to life and work, right? :)

I suspect whoever was responsible for the text on the flashlight isn’t a native English speaker either. :laughing:

My guess: I’ve seen LEDs referred to as ‘beads’ in Aliexpress listings, so perhaps ‘purple bead’ was a machine translation of ‘(ultra)violet LED’, and then a typo turned it into ‘purple beard’.

I like it - it gives the flashlight a bit more character. :laughing:

Thanks Weltool for the explanation :+1: , I did not expect it to have such a well thought-out meaning, my line of thought was more like skinny_tie’s. I think that giving flashlights a nickname is a fun idea, I must think of nicknames for mine too :slight_smile:

Thanks! That is very well thought out and insightful!

Looks like a nice UV light.

But … um …. “Purple Beard”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I see the explanation in some of the prior posts. Funny!!! :nerd_face:

It does look nice. I see it on Amazon US for $79. If it ever gets a coupon or sale price I may have to add it to my UV collection