Weltool W4Pro vs W5, which is right for you? I didn't know either so I got both to compare.

I’ve had a lot of LEPs, Weltool makes the best IMO. But which is better, W4Pro or W5?


Good comparison, thanks for the effort! I’ve been toying with getting a Weltool W3 pro and install a diffuser on the flip-cap for flood.

I have the white diffuser for the W4/W5 and I find it not terribly good. It turns the LEP into kind of a terrible “mule.” Low CRI, extremely cool CCT, with a slight shadow in the center of the beam for the W4/W4pro because of the obstruction in the light path.

Is it better to walk around with than than the LEP without the diffuser? Yes. But truth be told I’m not terribly fond of walking around by mule light even when they are high CRI and warmer!

Well yes sounds :confounded: then I will skip it. I should try it on my existing LEPs and see. I saw it on a video on reddit, it looked good.
Thanks for the heads up.