What 18650 cells are u using

Looking for a good rechargeable 18650 protected battery I need 4 of them for a project I’m doing

I’ll be using a xpg2 led with a 5a driver

I don’t no what’s out there that is good any input will help me a lot

i use panasonic and some xxxxfire cells but often use my panasonic to go outdoor :bigsmile:

Is there a good place to purchase them at

3 xtar, 2 sanyos, 4 ncr 18650a
I think best price is at fasttech, use BLF code for aditional 5% off

There is so many on fasttech any link to a set of good one’s lol

Are you talking about a single cell light running a non-boost driver? If so, you’re going to need a Samsung 20R or Panasonic NCR18650PD to even come close to 5 amps (advantage goes to 20R for maximum amps, but not runtime).

Fasttech Links: (although if you order now, it might be 4+ weeks until you receive them)

No it’s a 4 cell 18650 light, it’s the Roche m170

I generally stick with my AW branded cells. Recently I’ve picked up some EagleTac 18650’s on sale from GoingGear and they seem pretty good, although slightly long.

In that case any quality 18650 will work (4 cells driving 1 led should minimize sag). You may need a button top cell to work in that light.

This guy is pretty good if you need them fast.


I’m just worried about the length of the cell

6xNitecore 18650 3100mAh in Solarforce L2’s

Not used yet, back-up batteries in storage.
4xSamsung ICR 18650-30B 3000mAh
2xTrustfire flames 18650 3000 (2600)mAh

the eagletec 18650s are pretty good in terms of length for tight lights.

I have these for my TK75


and when the lights are not picky about cell size, i usually reach for my keeppower 3400 18650s.