what are some floody c8 style lights?

when it comes to c8 style lights, the ones mentioned are usually bright and great throwers ie…keygo ke 5, xintd, romisen t601, kaidomain.

im looking to purchase one that is actually bright and more floody than throwy.
it does not have to be c8 style, but i want it to be about the same size.
it can take 1-2 18650.

i was thinking about the 980l and the 5xq5. any suggestions?

Those lights would both be fairly throwy. The 980l looks like it would have about the same performance as a C8 since the reflector is about the same size. The 5x Q5 is definitely a thrower as well. I have the TR-1200 and it's a very throwy light...

If you want a compact floody light, you might try a P60 with a XM-L dropin and an OP reflector.


Or try a FandyFire HD2011 / Ultrafire UF-2100 (and a steal at $13 - did this price go down???). The FandyFire is generally regarded as being better quality. Smaller reflector = more floody beam.


wallbuys.com still have a ultrafire HD2011 for $9.99, there’s a thread about that here
i’ve ordered one, but haven’t got it yet. and i have no idea if it’s comparable quality wise to the ones recommended by garry here above

I use DIY Ultrafire C2 type body and an XML. This body gives a good balanced beam. Just try to find something with similar reflector and choose the one with orange peel coating.

Why not just go for an op c8 reflector?

I’m meaning to do a post on this after tonight’s playing serious testing, simply, if you want flood, xm-l op, if you want throw, xp-g smooth, just like everyone suggests…. Xm-l is only a thrower through brute force. Naturally, its a flooder, pure and simple.

If you do want a nice floody edc,


Pick either u2 for max output or t6 3c for more natural tint, this was my comparison to my new xp-g t2. The t2 can happily blank out the edc18650 spot at a distance, and I’ll bet its only getting 1.4a compared to the 2.6a on the u2 (tools are 10 miles away, more on this when I get them home). Reflector sizes? U2 18mm op, xp-g 20mm smooth. Do you want to bet the 2mm is making the real difference in throw or the die size?

i forgot to mention that this light will be for my girl friends mom. so i already have the roche 12, ultra fire 2100 modded by erik, and the hd2011.
they are floody enough, but whats funny is, she wanted something bigger.
(no pun intended) she liked the size of the c8’s that i have. and even my hd 2010 and my 2x18650 light was ok.

is there anything thats out there that i dont have to put together like that p60 or just a simple c8 with a op reflector and is not too deep? i mean it can throw also, but she just prefered floody over throw, which is why i thought the 5xq5 might be a good candidate.
5 leds for some flood, and q5’s for the throw.

anything else out there or anything else similiar to that 5xq5 but only take a single 18650?

Be brave and try this Brand New release, and is a U3… Lightmalls link:

just get any led light u like and de dome it remove the reflector :stuck_out_tongue:

True, the simplest way, is to just take out the reflector, and you have a flood light.

Like someone above mentioned, a floody C8 is called a P60

i think a p60 is something she wants. but when i search for a p60, it just links me to drop ins. do i have to assemble one myself. or is there one thats complete?

it is not hard.

p60 refers to the drop in u purchase solarforce body all you have to do is unscrew the head drop it in ! lol so easy. no technical expertise need it, similar to what u do to a battery u drop it in~! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultrafire WF-502b, it has a p60 drop in and can be had for $13-15 on average. Nice floody beam and 5 mode.
I got this package and then bought better batteries;

Very happy with the peformance.

yes i did hear about them solarforce lights. they are a very nicely made host.
so i think ill just try one of them 502b’s for now, and if i like them, ill do a solarforce for myself.

so lemme ask you guys, when i searched 502b, some 501 and 503b showed up as well. why is that? what are the differences…are they just a different type of body style or something?

Just a different type of body style I believe. The 504b has the best heat sinking (so I've read). I have a fake Solarforce L2 (like a 504b) which I really like.

Note - for a C8 you can get the wide angle lens from Action LEDs intended for Magic Shine bike lights - it fits a C8 too.


can you link me up with that wide angle lens please

501 is lot lighter thickness of the metal, 502b is much nicer. I own both.

I see you live in California, here is a dealer who ships from CA.

I have bought other items from this dealer and they ship really fast.
If you get that 502 from this dealer, could you let me know if you got the one shown in pictures with the brass plunger on the tailcap or the one with the spring?
The dealer shows the one with the spring on his other auctions with the charger and battery, so I do not know which one is current.
It probably doesn’t make much difference, I just have not seen one with the plunger.

Same dealer has 501’s for only $10.99, you can hardly buy the p60 t-6 drop in’s for that price. I may have to get another just for the parts and use the drop in on a Solarforce L2 body that I bought a while back. Here is link;



There ya go.

There was some discussion and beamshots on this just a couple days ago.


Here's that thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/13590#comment-279765