What are the best 18650 cells these days?

I got some 3400mAh Panasonics last year and managed to lose 2 flashlights and hence two 18650 cells since then. Should I replace them with the same or are there newer models on the market?

battery technology is the biggest relative disappointment in regular technology these days… we go from the basic light bulb to the crazy ones we see in our lights today, a house sized computer that our phones could literally shit on, micro storage that is 1000000x smaller, and batteries basically no advancement in comparison, if batteries improved at even half the rate that any of the other tech i mentioned , we would have button cells powering cars…i aways hear about the new battery tech that is gonna suddenly revolutionize the world… oh then nvm i guess, o go to look more into it but oh… right my phone died, yup, rant over,

so basically i should have the new 7200 mah Panasonics for you… but yeaaa

Replace with same…

Hahahah @sunbeam. I feel your pain bro.

Honestly, everyone has their own preference. Discharge rate vs capacity. A user here does a ton of reviews on batteries Here

In short, panasonic 18650B’s are the best in my book

I suggest NCR18650BD as they maintain higher voltage at reasonable current draw (they will be brighter for longer compared to NCR18650B).

+1 :)

Hey wait. According to some manufactures battery technology is improving

You can get 7000mah 18650 ultra fire on ebay LMAO

EDIT: I’m just joking. Don’t buy them


The difference in capacity between the B and BD is small. So it’s quite possible that, at least at higher current draws, the gap is going to narrow even more. This is particularly true in lights with higher voltage cutoffs.

Where can I find some info on all the alphabet soup involving batteries? The IMR’s vs NCRA vs NCRB etc. Battery University is a great tool but I don’t seem to find glossary or explanation of sub-types of batteries.

P.S. Still looking for slimmer protected 18650’s. I bought a micrometer and have been measuring mine to find what will fit in my finicky SC600. I know unprotected is slimmer and have some but it’s nice to have ones that fit everything.

Not to hijack your thread, but it seems like the 18650’s mentioned here are priced a bit north of $10 each. Does that sound right?

Considering that there are far less expensive units out there, is $10 a copy still a good price when the dust settles?

(I had a ‘brand new’ 18650 that came included with something else, and it wouldn’t even take a charge brand new. I measured its weight with my digital scale, and it was a little more than _half _the weight of another 18650 I have. Half the weight! How can it vary that much!?)

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/23823 ;)