What are those giant lumen monsters they use to do construction at night

I have no clue how many lumens but they turn night into day for a relatively large area, what kind of lights are they?

I’d guess hids on a diesel generator

Most are metal halide gas discharge bulbs… same as stadium lights. A 1000 watt bulb will do around 100,000 lumens.


I’ll sell you one for $300 the ballast weighs about 20 pounds though. I would imagine if you could create the proper reflector something about 5 feet in diameter and shaped like a C8 reflector you could throw a beam of light at least two miles I’m guessing a lot more actually maybe five miles. You could probably strap together 6 car batteries and put them on a hand dolly get a regulator of some kind to get 110volts going and away you go. The world most powerful HID (flashlight?)

New EDC!!! :bigsmile:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/330917768577 8)

gotta love google went looking for construction lights and found these instead


now all i have to do is find a UK stockist otherwise delivery and import duty are going to be murder

Those light bars are available in Canada as well….no self respecting rig pig would be without one wedged into the grill of his big-wheeled / lift-kitted / chrome-dipped Dodge diesel pickup. Apparently it enhances ones safety to blind approaching traffic, and rumour has it they run on testosterone instead of battery power.

It’s always been my dream to roof- mount a carbon arc light from a locomotive with which to return fire.

The manliness of one's vehicle is inversely proportional to one's... well, you know the rest.

I drive a Civic, thankyouverymuch. ;)

I went to an outdoor party where they had a plug-in construction light. It was about 1000W and lit up an area the size of a football field.
Insects seemed to like it:

Note the wing patterns; some insects flap one wing at a time, others flap both simultaneously.

a carburetted five-litre V8 is quite nice to drive occasionally, if only it wasn’t so thirsty!

in addition to sticking the lights on my 109 lwb i think they would make kick ass security / outside lights

I will say, I miss my Cadillac Seville STS with 300HP Northstar V8 in Front Wheel Drive configuration. Elegant to drive, with the passing power of a hot rod. It got totalled out back in August when a tired lady going home from work pulled out in front of us while we were going 70mph. Unfortunately, my wife was driving and no real evasive maneuvers were instigated. No one was hurt, but the vehicles were both pretty destroyed, the Seville STS with over $10,000 in damages. (Same highway now has a 75mph speed limit, up from 70)

Relic, was that some kind of pot party or something? Those bugs look like they were trippin! lol

Would like a light bar on the bull bar that I put on our Escape, we live out in the country and my wife works the evening shift at the Hospital. Coming home at midnight it’d be good for the road to be lit up as much as possible for the skunks, possums, coyotes, deer, turkey and whatever other varmint wants to meander out in the road.

Relic, this is such a beautiful picture!! Did you take it? It’s phantastic! Thanks for posting!

Is that one wing at a time, or alternating pairs?

It was a lawnmower party, so mostly exhaust fumes. I think the insects were high on photons. :smiley:

Yup, thank you, and you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

From the image, it’s hard to differentiate the pairs on each side. Good point though, it probably should read “flap one side of wings at a time”.
This was handheld at 0.5s, f/2.8, ISO800, so it’s not overly sharp. I just looked back at the original (July, 2011) and took a close look at some of the paths. There is a lot of variety.
Some flap front-pair, back-pair.
Some flap left-pair, right-pair.
Some appear to have only one pair, and alternate sides.
When I shot this, I did not expect to see that much wing detail, it was quite a surprise when I got a chance to view them. :slight_smile: