What are you Eating for Super Duper?

Please No Taylor comments here so we can keep the thread open.

For our small gathering it is Real Wings, like with the bone. Blue Cheese and Ranch dip.
Middleswarth BarBQ chips, Soda, Beer , usual pretzels etc. Pretty basic.
Never could understand how a boneless wing is a wing.
Chickens have problems flying as it is, don’t think they can fly without the bones.
What they really mean is… Glorified Chicken Nugget.

Anyway enjoy the Game!

Text me your address. I can be there in a few hours.

I’m just eating my regular meals, like every other day.
I don’t eat special food because of the Super Bowl.
By the way, I usually hate bones in my food, except for ribs or steak, so I prefer boneless wings if I’m having wings. :+1:

Wings are a staple. Devil eggs, pigs in the blanket. Beer.

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I hear the owl is superb.

I never did understand why they named a whole day after it though. Maybe I’m missing something since I don’t eat meat, but it seems weird to set aside a day for eating owls, no matter how superb they are.

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Friend’s wife is making everything.


Because Billions of $$ change hands today?
Nachos, Bagel bites, Jalapeno poppers, Burgers…
All the Best,

Backyard Pizzaria … :pizza: :beer:

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Damn you suck :slight_smile:
Everyone of those pies look delicious.
Great job, enjoy man.

Yep … my niece’s and nephews :heart: their Uncle Will. Pool, :pizza:, :beer: and puppy.

Happy Super Bowl to all … :beers:

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Muto, I cancel. I want pizza instead. What time you eating weklund? :grinning:

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Y’know what, I said that I’m eating regular food today, but that’s not completely true.
I got some frozen quesadillas at the store yesterday, and I had a couple of them today, and they’re amazing.
I also started drinking spicy V8 juice with meals today.
The spicy V8 juice is expensive (at $8 a gallon), but it’s somewhat healthy, and it’s pretty tasty as well.
So, I started consuming a couple of new things today, even though I might not even watch the Super Bowl until tomorrow. :+1:

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Order now … $3.50 delivery fee to PA … :yum:

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Damn cool

Spicy v8? Never heard of it.

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I am assuming Labrador, awesome.

Well, the official name is V8 Spicy Hot, but I call it spicy V8.
It’s like regular V8, but it tastes like there’s some cayenne pepper hot sauce added.
The only possible spicy ingredient is “natural flavors”, though.
I have to chase the spicy V8 with some kool aid because it’s too spicy by itself. :fire:

Yep … “Birdie” Black Lab. Here is a photo of her biological father. She’s an awesome 3 year old doggy and my best friend.

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