What are you listening right now ?

:slight_smile: Yeah great band highly underrated. That wizard guy used to have this blog years back where he posted tracks he came up with all the time. Their was just so much talent there I thought

More live stuff on the teatime sessions album if you like that kind of music… It’s not for everyone- check out the bands godspeed you black emperor and god is an astronaut if you like war-ns style without hungry lucys beautiful voice :slight_smile:

Are you talking about Op61?
If you are then maybe you are in for a treat. Afterwards, Beethoven rearranged it for a piano student he was teaching. That arrangement is not as popular as the violin, but it is available. I think you will be able to appreciate it.

I’m listening to the voices in my head! :stuck_out_tongue:

As I drive quite a bit for work I have been listening to more podcasts than music
Most of the ones I listen to are from Kevin Smith aka director of clerks


The Hollywood babble-on is funny to listen to

I saw him a few weeks ago when he came to the UK funny show.

my local radio station :bigsmile:

I can hear a couple of foxes “at it” in the back garden….not a nice sound!

Another classical aficionado here. Currently listening to a 6 hour long Vivaldi compilation while I work:

In the car on the way to work I was listening to Sam Manicom’s audiobook
“Under Asian Skies”, about his trips around the world on a BMW motorcycle.

Last night in the car, Eros Ramazotti and Pavarotti turned way up: Se Bastasse Una Canzone
When Pavarotti blasts out the first verse it sends shivers up my neck.

Rob Zombie, in earbuds to fall asleep to.

Wow, when I was in college I used to build speaker systems and would use that song and also “Magic Bus” by the Who to test their sound.
For a guy that didn’t have a girlfriend at the time, (to busy being a geek) the words of the song were just so hauntingly beautiful.

Some Chopin: http://www.google.de/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CB8QtwIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fm.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DLlni1Dn-f4U&ei=JG7jU5CWIMOI7AbI3IGYBQ&usg=AFQjCNFg8PFPNXIaQf-PNdlbEDo9Tpie1A&sig2=og0A4MCByTmjZUDJljIqUQ
and probably Beethoven’s Symphony nr. 6, 3 and 7. Workday should be over then. Earlier this morning it was Sepultura: Roots and Slayer: diabolus in musica to properly wake up. (Verdi’s requiem/ dies irae will do that too, though. )

AC/DC - Back in Black


Oh, yeah, very nice horns, vocals, guitar and even the bass also ‘sings’ ! During that time, we used to listen to it in vinyl. Now, in the digital age, the soaring horns, stinging rhythm guitar and throbbing bass, drums, comes into life.

Peter Rowan’s new album ‘Dharma Blues’ is a great slice of Americana music.
I first heard Peter Rowan on vinyl in the sixties with the bands ‘Earth Opera’ and ‘Seatrain’.
In the seventies he played with Jerry Garcia in the Band ‘Old & In the Way’.
He’s put out more than 40 albums in a 45 year span and played on many more.
His music ,which ranges widely, is mostly folk and bluegrass but fits best in the category of Americana.

I love all kinds of music with my collection arranged in categories by Classical, Jazz, World, Folk,
Blues, Soul, Rock, DooWop, Vocal, Country, Comedy, Holiday. etc.
I had to educate myself in many of these musical genres , particularly jazz and classical.
I used to buy vinyl & then CDs, with my physical collection being the equivalent of an album a day for over 35 Years,
all in the previous century. Now I collect music by downloading 2 or 3 new albums a day (mainly reissues).

I try to listen to an album of new music each & every day and have done so for over 50 years.
New music is any music that ‘you’ haven’t heard before.
There’s more than 100 years of recorded music available to us and music has been popular for over 500 years.

Don’t be limited by your youth & inexperience - try new old things.
And, as you age, don’t be limited by your age & experience - try new new things.
New music is any music that ‘you’ haven’t heard before.
But remember, any random music that has endured the test of time (still being reissued) is usually more
accomplished than any random music that is made available for the first time in the next hour.

Try something new to ‘you’, you might learn to appreciate it.

I was introduced to a lot of new kinds of music while collecting versions of the song “Summertime” That was Gershwins song from “Porgy and Bess”, the “Living is easy” song.

I now have over 1600 versions of that song from these catagories, and to quote you again,
“Classical, Jazz, World, Folk, Blues, Soul, Rock, DooWop, Vocal, Country, Comedy, Holiday. etc.”

Ever hear of “Ska”? I hadn’t until I found a version by a ska band. You must get the point. One of my favorites is a Russian band performing a Reggae version while trying to sing it in English with a Russian accent overlaying their attempt of a Carribean accent.
It seems that this song is a must perform for many bands, sort of a standard. Heck, I even found a recording of President Bill Clinton performing it in a nightclub in France with Madeleine Albright in attendance.
Here is a link to The Summertime Connection with a list of thousands and thousands of “Summertime” recordings.

A lot of recordings of the song can now be found on YouTube.

Yep, that’s the one! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check it out!

Gotta love Ska which I keep under Reggae along with Rock Steady and Calypso.
I even include 2-tone Ska (British Beat) under Reggae which is part of World category.

Just googled and listened to LLoyd Clarke, who is classic early 60’s in dim sound and then Ska Bara
(Swedish Ska Jazz Band) who play an instrumental ska version which sounds pretty Ska to me. Both new to me.
I also listened to the classic Herbie Mann version, which was referenced as being sampled in some Ska versions?

Many many great vocal versions - Sam Cooke to Janis Joplin. I hadn’t listened to Sam or Janis with Big Brother in a while.
Young Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers was also great. Gospel, either Southern or Bluegrass, is another great genre.
Also came across Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime” again, which has a happy ska-like sound but is not Gershwin.

Happy listening. I think I can easily find 24 hours worth of Gershwin’s “Summertime” in my own collection,
but “Time Won’t Let Me”. Too much new to hear for the first time. A great tune like “summertime” is almost
like the first time every time.

Happy Trails. No need to bang yer head.

One of my other hobbies is remixing/editing music for personal use.
I’ve just made up a new 46 track playlist with tunes from the chemical brothers, leftfield, daft punk, underworld and the prodigy, listening to that right now. (Yeah i grew up in the 90’s :wink: