What are your 6 favorites?

For all of us flashaholics, I thought it would be fun to list our 6 favorite flashlights in the order we like them. I know my lineup changes from time to time.

This might be a good thread for anyone looking to start a collection or add to what we already have based on what others own who have been at this game for longer and are more experienced. These are my 6 favorites.

Fenix TK41

Olight M3X

Shiningbeam Blaze

Shingingbeam S-mini

Zebralight H51

Klarus P2A

Honorable mention would go to my Olight M20s and my Quark AA2 tactical.

Ok I will bite.

1. Thrunite Catapult V3 would have to rate at the top of my list.

2. Olight SR51

3. Olight M3X if it was built like the Catapult V3 this would be my favorite.

4. Jetbeam BC20

5. Keygos KE-5

6. Solarforce L2 with an XM-L dropin

The only lights Iā€™m using all that much at the moment are:
Zebralight H51f
IPP A3 or Thrunite TI
I have other lights but the ones I listed are the only ones that I like pretty much as they are and I use them the most.

Zebralight SC600w

4Sevens Preon 2 High CRI

Dry WW 4 mode with Turbo

SolarForce L2P Blue with warm XML drop-in

Fenix TK70

UltraFire UF-980L

I dont have 6 lights but here you have it in the order they are mostly used

Ultrafire C1 (p60 dropin light) with a XP-E something 1 mode

Sipik SK68

Cap light with 4 white & 2 red leds (2*3216 or something batteries, im at work so dont know the actual specs) permamently glued to a cap

MXDL 1 watt with some generic led 1*AAA mounted on my winter hat

Ultrafire KH-T60

15 led headlight 3*AAA

Well I do have 6 lights after all. Little did I know....

6 Fav lights ... ?

What happens if you have 20 Fav lights ?

ATM XM-L rules , so my 6 favourite lights are XM-L

I will list my most used (lately) lights

1. Dqg Tiny AA

2. UFh2

3. X9

4.xeno e03

5. apex gt01

Probably my faves too. But I would have to add SF L2T /KDC8 and skyray 3xml (I got a good one)

1. UltraFire UF 980L

2. Solarforce L2P with 3-mode UF XM-L drop-in

3. Solarforce L2i with 18650/3-mode UF XM-L drop-in

4. E1320 modified TrustFire F15-T6/5-mode no blinky

5. 4Sevens Quark AA2 Tactical

6. Match Mod MiniMag XP-G/2 x 14500

Honorable mention:

Solarforce L2, L2X, L2T and M6


1 Fenix TK41

2 SF L2T , MF xml dropin < do we use enough abbreviations and acronyms ?

3 4C Mag mod , dx P7 dropin

4 Fenix E21

5 skyray g6

6 SF skyline 1

7 *DD UltraFire WF-502B kit , charger batt included $6 shipped

In no particular order:

- A totally custom L2 clone with hi-med-lo (kd 2,8A) XM-L op reflector and kd coated lenses.

- XTAR Wk21, little nifty pocket cannon (EDC) hi-med-lo customized

- C3 SS 5 mode backup EDC (stock form)

- Lum(n)apower MRV Q5 1 mode 1A (custom driver)

- Ultrafire H-3D (the headlamp) stock form

- XTAR D01 (lovely diving light with almost stelpless regulation) stock form

These are all that stand out for me. But i like many more.

1. Zebralight H51

2. Solarforce L2t with NW XML 2.8A driver

3. Trustfire X9 with 2.8A driver

4. Keygos KE5 with 2.8A driver

5. Xeno E03 Hi Cri

6. Ultrafire H2 Hi Cri

Can my favorite lights be in his list ? ( I want the preon 2 )

ok..under 10$

1.tank 566..9$ dino direct after discounts

2.502B xre r2 battery and charger 2AA 4$ DD after discounts

3.sipik 68 6$ ebay tomtop

4.sipik58 5$ meritline

5.C-3 stainless steel 10$ T-mart

6.tank 703 9$ dino direct after 20% off discount

1 Zebralight H50

2 Currently Apex GT01 as I don't notice it in my pocket. The anodising seems to be tough as it regularly shares the pocket with coins and keys.

3 Ultrafire U20

4 FandyFire STL-V2

5 Varapower 2000

6 ROP high 2D Maglite.

It's dark a lot this time of year so the bigger lights get used far more than they do in summer - we have 17.5 hours of darkness today. And not a lot of light even then as it's cloudy.

I only have 5 lights so I will just order them according to how much I like/use them.

Solarforce L2 w/ MPP-1 head

Solarforce L2P with nailbender 3A xml drop-in

ITP A3 Eos XP-E. I don't necessarily use this a ton, but i do EDC it every day. Some days I use it a lot if needed at work.

Romisen RV-235 XPG-R5

Home Depot XP-C light

Mainly use these lights for work.

  • sc600
  • spark st6 460nw
  • xeno e03

Home/car lights

  • L2 micro
  • uf504b
  • 47s turbo x

Hmmm... I'd have to pick only my latest favorites as the list can vary depending on what's new in the arsenal.

In no particular order:

  • CQG S1 (AAA)
  • Apex GT01
  • Trustfire TR-3T6
  • Ultrafire XG-V3
  • Solarforce L2T
  • Ultrafire UF-H3
  • Ultrafire C8

Not so hard for me, as I happen to have 6, but here goes:

1. Knight Rider P-Rocket XM-L T6 (new)
2. N-Light ST50 XM-L T6 (new)
3. Ultrafire C8 XM-L T6
4. Palight C8 XP-G R5
5. Fenix L2D Premium Q5 (my first good torch)
6. Baja Designs C8 SSC P7 (my first 18650 torch)

  1. L2T Ace with UF-XML 3 mode dropin (beauty, rocket, dependable)
  2. Sunwayman V10R (exactly the lumens you need anytime)
  3. Fenix TK-35 (great all-round light, when I don't know what exactly I will need, I pick TK-35)
  4. Crelant 7G5 (very good quality, very bright and it throws)
  5. Trustfire TR3-T6 (2000+ flood lumens, it lights everything in front of you)
  6. Olight i1 EOS (tiny rocket)

Where can I get this drop in?


I think this is the drop-in he's referring to: http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/ultrafire-cree-t6-3mode-memory-led-dropin-module-42v-max-p-5178.