What are your favorite Raspberry Pi applications?

Hello everyone,

Lately, I discovered my interest in those tiny little IoT gadgets called "Raspberry Pi" or "Banana Pi" etc. and whatsoever. There are countless applications you can do with these little devices. Again, this situation reminds me of the saying that computers solve problems we would not have without them. :-D

So, I was lucky to get two Raspberry Pi 3B+ for a very reasonable price. One of them now works as a Pi Hole, a so called DNS sinkhole that blocks ads in my entire network at home. The other one is still in my cabinet, occasionally used for testing with Raspian, Ubuntu Mate and Manjaro Linux. However, I would like to give this second Pi a more meaningful purpose.

Three projects I find interesting are "RaspAP" (turns your Pi into an access point / router), a self-hosted cloud with OwnCloud or NextCloud or to turn the Pi into an Apple AirPlay receiver using Shairport.

What are your favorite applications with your Raspberry Pi? What references do you use to discover new projects? Since I am more or less a beginner with Linux, I would greatly appreciate any hints and links to helpful resources apart from Github & Co..

I have LibreElec, currently. It’s a multimedia center and a console emulator.

I’ve been wanting to try out MotionEyeOs

Somebody built a roomba for their lawn :smiley:

SBCs (single board computers) are so much fun. I use openmediavault on an Odroid HC2 as a simple and cheap NAS for backups.

I dont really use mine much, but I use it for some random IOT projects, been thinking about making it a kinda security cam through an upstairs window, with the pi cam. Theres been a few other things I’ve wanted to try, but haven’t had the things i needed

I got an original RPi and a B (somewhere) both running OpenElec.

Planning to use a 0W as a dedicated “PC” to vpn in to work. Just a monitor and bluetoof keyboard+trackpad and I’m set. Could even stickytape it to the back of the monitor.

when i had mine i used retropie a lot, had a massive 128gb stick full of games,

didnt get round to building a arcade cabinet for it ,but now ive got a bit of a retro thing going on, might buy a new one and try it out again

I’ve been playing with media center OS’s, including OpenELec, Plex, and Emby.

I’m also researching ARMBIAN, turning an inexpensive Android box into a Linux desktop - 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD for $60-90. I’d really like to see a good Fedora/RH/Centos combination.

If I get bored enough, I’ll start in on Home Automation Projects. Home-Assistant.org looks interesting.

I run OctoPrint on one of mine, it controls my 3d printer. Works great!

PiAware ( flightaware)

Raspbian as desktop replacement, works great.

I have a Raspberry Pi set up with a HiFiBerry Amp2 and shairport-sync to drive some old Jensen concert series speakers I got at the thrift store. Sounds amazing in my living room.

openmediavault is installed on top of Armbian for SBCs like RPi, Odroid, etc. It has been nice and stable for me.

Fedora has ARM images: https://arm.fedoraproject.org/ I haven’t tried it, and I imagine headless minimal servers are probably a better experience on these low-powered devices, but it is pretty amazing how much they can do.

Octopi - for my 3D printers
PiAware/FR24/ADSBx - Flight tracking

there are some great retropie builds out there, I wish to own a windows cabinet one day, 4 player lol

I bought an opensprinkler controller back when you just bought the board, plugged in a pi, and then installed the software. That’s by far my favorite use of a raspberry pi.

My sprinkler pi also runs smokeping to keep tabs on my ISP, and ddclient to keep my dynamic dns updated. That’s what I call a versatile sprinkler controller. I love it that I can walk around the yard and start and stop stations with my phone.

I was asked to quickly set up something to show metrics in my area (boss wanted to justify the cost of 2x 55” tvs), so I attached a pi to the back of each TV, and wrote a little selenium script to automate the browser to switch on a timer between splunk, cyfe, and grafana dashboard displays. They work great.

RaspAP is probably good for low-bandwidth applications, but last I checked, all pi networking (including the built-in ethernet port) went over the internal, not very good USB bus. So don’t expect low-latency high bandwidth out of a pi router or AP. That may have changed with the pi 4s, but I don’t think it did.

I have one running Dump1090,a mode S decoder. That feeds into FlightRadar24.

I have Raspberry Pi 3 running Home assistant for home automations, and Octoprint for my 3D printer and also PiVPN so i can tunnel home to manage all my smart home devices locally while outside my home network.

Still haven’t tried Raspberry Pi 4 yet, really want to upgrade my Home Assistant for better performance.