What are your top 10 favorite lights from your collection ?

...For Most of us this changes from week to week as we aquire freshly padded packages from around the world ..

What are your top 5 [ NOW 10 ] favorite lights from your collection ?

EDIT: >> ....10 is a much harder question.

Solarforce L2 with UltraFire 3 mode XML


iTP A3

Romisen RC-G2 WW

2C Mag modded to 3 123a and 5 cell Krypton

For now .

Solarforce L2P - L2X hosts bodies ..

Ultrafire A20 - XM-L T5

Ultrafire A20 - SSC P7

N-light AAA B3

N-light AA B2

Nitecore EX10

Maratac AAA


Jetbeam BK135A

Ultrafire M2 ? [ possibly - so far I could like it ]

Mr.Lite J4 XM-L mod

Solarforce L2m with KD XM-L dropin

Ultrafire WF-504B old style with Manafont XM-L dropin

Aurora SH-033

Weirdo stainless steel light with ultra-warm LED designed for examining jewellery

Solarforce L2P/Ultra Fire 3-mode XM-L

Solarforce L2/Ultra Fire 3-mode XM-L

Surefire 6P/Solarforce single mode XM-L

Solarforce Skyline I

4Sevens Quark AA2 Tactical/XP-G R5

runners up:

Match Mod-Mini Foymag P7

4Sevens Quark Mini123/XM-L


I don't really have 5 flashlights yet!

Solarforce L2 XML

Ultrafire U20

MTE M2 r5

iTP A3 EOS 3-mode 2g (with LMH), on my keychain

AKOray 3-mode programmable upgraded with a XP-G R4 LED

Ultrafire WF-504B with a 3-mode neutral XP-G R4

Solarforce L2p with the Manafont Ultrafire 3-mode XM-L T6

and just lately my Ultrafire X1 tricked out with a new 1.4A 3-mode driver, neutral XP-G R4, coated lens, and a spare Fenix switch cover

I also have a Solarfore L2i with a 3-mode neutral XP-G R4 run from 3xAAA batteries that really kicks butt, but is basically the same as the 504B above.

My 50/35W 5000K HID
35/28W 4300K HID
KD C8 -all 6 of them
MTE P7 8 mode
MTE M3-2 MC-E 8mode

I need more lumens!

well .. wait till you get your B2S -AA

1. Nitecore ex10

2. N-light B2S/SS- AA

3. Zebralight H31

4. Nitecore EZ AA

5. Eastward yj j09 4-mode

1.Fenix TK35

2.Solarforce L2X with stainless bezel, lanyard ring and XML 3 mode drop in

3.4sevens quark mini CR2 s2 edition

4.mr.lite J4 with XML

5.Romisen RC-29 w/ 14500

How'd the Fenix Tk35 or the Nitecore EZ AA find their way into "budget lights"?

Nice lights but those critters are (relatively) expensive...wish I had them both.

Likewise any light that starts with the word Zebra

Zebralight SC60W

Black L2P with custom 4000K triple (2.8A), McClicky-modded S7 tailcap and shortened tail threads

Nitecore D10 - ramping R2

Mag458 - useless but Fun with a capital F

Quark Mini AA R4 neutral

iTP A3 - keychain

LumaPower IncenDio V3+ - EDC

SolarForce L2i XM-L - forest

LumaPower MRV SideKick - open field

SolarForce L2 MCE warm - all the rest

iTP A3 R5 upgrade

DX C30

XML dropin from Manafont

Tank007 TK-566 UV 365nm 1W

Solarforce L2i (in 3xAAA configuration)

Ultrafire C3 SS AA eneloop - EDC

Ultrafire 504B newstyle body + MF 3mode XM-L dropin - bike light + KD multilayercoated lens (which is very nice with smo reflector!)

Skyray P60 body and manafont R5 5 mode dropin - bike light backup (doubkles as wife bike light)

Lunapower MRV modded with R2 at 1.1A - Dedicated thrower

Ultrafire UF-H3D (angled headlamp 18650) - Headlamp, handsfree operations, reading, showoff.

Solarforce masterpiece

Ultrafire UF-980l

Solarforce L2p with KD 5 mode and UCL lens

Ultrafire 504b (new body) with XM-L and kd2.8a driver

Itp sa1 with 14500

1. L2p main body with L2x front cap and switch cap (Solarforce-Sales) - 3 mode XML dropin (Manafont)

2. Aurora SH-40 SST-50 5 mode (DX)

3. iTP A1 EOS SS (GearUpEurope)

4. EDI-T T11 (DX)

5. Ultrafire C303 R5 (Manafont)

(at this point of time)

Some great choices so far... Probably not a shocker, but my top 5 would look like this:

1.) QTC'd Mini-Match

2.) Zebra H51

3.) L2i /w MF XM-L

4.) Nitecore ex10

5.) Mad Match (because I suffer from Sanguivoriphobia).

Lets see...

Maratac AA Stainless Steel, with GITD all over, and a 14500.

Lumintop TD15X

Solarforce L2 with 2 IMR 18350's and a LF IMR-9 dropin.

Solarforce L2 with 2 18650 and E0-9 dropin

Mini-maglite with 2 half dead alkies and a 5mm led-ultimate moonmode light.

I always thought it was the UV that did for vampires :)

Might need to toss some UV LEDs into that head ;)

Otherwise your phobia isn't really being pacified :P