What can I build with this? 93mm aspherical lens


What would be a good led/driver combo for a massive throw light?


Is it oval? It looks that way and they give two different diameters for the convex and concave parts. That could be good, maybe. Never heard of it before.

:smiley: :party:

Just Kidding, maybe a MT-G2 thrower?

Hahahahaha! Thats funny!

It would probably do that though!


It looks to be elliptical shaped, not spherical.
It would probably make a weird looking beam, perhaps spreading the hotspot in a line which can be used to scan large areas?

Yeah I noticed that. I wonder too how it would look. I think im going to getnone anyway and see what its like. I will update in about a month when I get it. :smiley: