What charger meets my requirements? Recommend me something.

I haven’t found many chargers on lygte-info that meet all the requirements below.
What do you recommend?

  • 4 slots
  • Capacity and resistance measurement
  • Store function (important for me)
  • Must fit protected 21700 or at least button top 21700
  • Must fit at least two 26650 and two 18650 at once
  • Manual selection of the charging current
  • Does not overheat
  • Nimh charging possible
  • 12V power input (not very important)
  • About $50

I am sure you can find the best charger for you at HJK table

As I already mentioned, I was there. I want to know what the BLF people would choose.

I’m not going to go back and check every one of your parameters, but the Opus BT-3400/3100 might be just the ticket?

Ditch the protected 21700s and you’re probably golden.


I think the “Store” function is quite rare…

The only chargers I’m familiar with that have that function would be the SkyRC MC3000 (programmable) and the Xtar VC4S / Xtar VC8.

The Opus BT-C3100 / BT-C3400 has a hidden internal switch that can charge to 3.6 or 3.7v (but I suppose other chargers that can charge LiFePO4, can also be programmed to charge to that level if manually selecting “LiFePO4” as the battery type (must discharge the battery to lower voltage, then charge to the ~3.6v level for LiFePO4.

SkyRC MC3000 might have the most features, but won’t fit protected 21700, and even flat-top 21700’s can be a somewhat tight fit in terms of length (it fits 4x 26650 in terms of width, or actually I think it fits 2x 32650 + 2x 26650)

Vapcell S4 Plus doesn’t have a Store function, and doesn’t charge LiFePO4. it does have all the other features you require (it fits 2x 26650 + 2x 21700 in terms of width)

Liitokala Lii-600 also doesn’t have a Store function, and doesn’t charge LiFePO4, it fits unprotected button-top 21700 (in terms of width, it can fit 4x 26650 at the same time)

I think the Opus BT-C3100 can fit unprotected button-top 21700, and fits 2x 26650 + 2x 18650 in terms of width.

Thanks for the input. I think I’ll say goodbye to the “store” function. SkyRC is out of my budget. I am now wondering between Miboxer C4-12 > Xtar VC4S > Opus BT-C3100.
I noticed that the Miboxer C4-12 comes in two versions. With one and two buttons. It is known if the version with two works like the one with one (charging parameters)?

XTAR VC4S can’t charge protected 21700. For your needs of charging protected 21700 and other demands, if 8-bay charger is also fine, you can take a look at xtar vc8 charger.
For the charger you described, maybe we will keep developing ideal one in future. :+1: :beer:

I have been looking for a charger with exactly what you are looking for around 2 years ago.

Most important I think it’s all about budget. If no budget constrain, we can easily buy 2-3 charges to cover everything.

But I’m just like you with about that budget you stated.

As dta mentioned, store function is the one that is hard to find. And what voltage you want to store at is even harder to find.

I have the Lii-500 n and Lii-500S, Nitecore UMS4 before. All Sold.

I ended up with and still on a Miboxer C4-plus(as spare) and a Vapcell S4+ V1. Using the Vapcell most of the time unless needed for the C4-Plus.

Seriously once again xtarflashlight, I like xtar charger design a lot, but I yet to own one. Please seriously consider a 4 bay charger that allow manual current setting and able to charge protected 21700 cell. Thanks

XTAR VC8 has the best balance of price, features. Will apparently charge 21700.
It has accurate IR readings (unlike many that advertise the feature) and even has a storage setting (3.6v)

IR readings are not a common feature of chargers…