What could possibly go wrong wearing these?

I double dog dare you to wear these…

eggs and panties for breakfast from now on

The’re going to be a hit at the dog park!

you better wear one of these underneath if you visit dog parks

I'd rather sniff my Barby.

The new ones can spy on you and report you to the Barbie police.

That can be serve as emergency ration :stuck_out_tongue:

My underwear smells just like bacon

It's a scent that there's just no mistakin'

Even if you're asleep

And you're dreaming so deep

In one whiff of my stuff you'll awaken

Can it still spy on me if I dont turn it on? Its flaming hot when it is on. Looks like the only safe thing to do is go buy something from Dell. A reputable company like that wouldn't sell you anything that would let you down.

You would rather What

Cheers David :stuck_out_tongue: