What did you cut with your EDC knife today?

I’ve been carrying a small knife daily for a couple weeks. I probably haven’t used it as much as the small flashlight I also started carrying. I ended up using it back at home 9 times out of 10 uses, usually to open another package :smiley: .

So am curious how much utility others find with their EDC knife? What did you cut today?

Opened a box , cut some paracord .

Opened a package from manafont.

Stripped wire for electrical work.
Opened boxes
Opened 2 doors 1 was locked and the other was unlocked but had no door handle.
Reamed 1/2” EMT with my old jack knife

Opened some boxes

Cut some tape, stretch film, corrugated cardboard, poly bags, zip ties, and plastic strapping

Same as everyday running a packaging supply business

With my key chain EDC knife (I carry two knives), I opened up a package which held my new EDC Fenix LD12 . I now carry an LOD-CE, and the LD12.

Sadly, nothing. Stupid desk job pushing bits… The mailroom gets all the fun!

I used my Ganzo 704 to open up the box for my even newer Enlan EL01 :stuck_out_tongue:

The Ganzo feels like a much better knife, but I do like the styling of this one.

I cut some punk-a$$ kid :stuck_out_tongue:

Opened some mail

Well, very good looking knife but that is the enlan l01 mct, not enlan el01.