What did you mod today?

Sounds like you are having fun! Nice hack. :+1:

Nice mod…Please,which driver was used? And-is it for two 18350 or one 18650?

Fantastic work, DJozz! I love it. I passed on the E10 because I just hate that really cold tint. That sliced Nichia really hits the sweet spot. Were you expecting this outcome or had you been able to calculate these expected values prior to the mod?

And what a great tool idea, something that would come in handy with removing some Olight bezels as well (I tried in vain to use non-slip pads and got no joy).

Awesome work! I’d been wondering if anyone had come up with an “upgrade kit” for lesser drones. Looks like you’ve got the essentials of just that. Must be quite an asset in helping you to learn better drone navigation skills.

Yeah, there fun little things. I’m surprised how durable they are.

Great for real beginners like me. I would not have wanted to treat a more expensive drone the way I’ve treated this one! The camera can rather easily be moved but to keep weight down on these real cheapo things they have to be hacked up pretty good.

I made another… same weight as the the other before cutting it up:

I cut this this one up even more and managed to lower overall weight with 1.2 grams.

Nothing ground breaking but something new to entertain me :) ...

It's been a while that I've done some emitter/driver swaps. This is a triple host swap. The main

reason for this is to get rid of the XH-P 50 doughnut hole beam in the L2, and the 6V Zener FET driver had to go

with it. I've also found that with 2x 26650s, this older LED is overdriven by the MTN 17mm. The solution is to use the

Guppydrv Rev. 2 group 12, at no more than 70% or lesser batteries. There are Carclo single emitter TIRs to fix the

doughnut and I have a number of S21As. I used a clear TIR, at first, but the beam is better with a 'sanded' TIR.

I want an SFT40 but until I order one, the next best thing I have in inventory is an SST40 for the L2. My MTN 20mm

Crescendo driver makes for a simple yet interesting thrower interface. Who wants anything but 100% in a thrower anyway?

The Utilitech 3C has a great reflector with very good throw, similar to the L2 and the XP-L HI won't be

too hot for the plastic reflector.

After the swaps:

This has been a great throwy host that just about handles it all. I've had it in the vehicle with Li AA primaries, and can be setup

for a 21700 or an 18650.

V11r mod to 519a


more details: Sunwayman V11r LED output comparisons 219b, LH351d, 519a

steel 14500

14500 stainless steel from AE

osram CSLPM1.TG
driver biscotti
switch convoy
clip FWAA

Lep in 600mm lens at the moment without Wavien

No data at the moment,
cause rainy and snowy and windy

You cant measure at 10 meter (200 KLux)
cause Luxmeter shows overload

COB is another project .

Regards Xandre

SFT40 in an EC01… not a success :confused:

First the small screw preventing the mcpcb from rotating was in the way. Not a major issue though.

But I forgot to take the OP reflector into account, stupid… I don’t even know what to call this, except the word iris comes to mind.

Next up: try again, but then reflow the emitter to an Astrolux FT03 that I have lying around. But that’s for another day!

I tinkered a bit with Convoy’s 12V 2,5A GT-FC40 driver. I changed it to 6V output and adjusted boost converters input limit to higher value. It was limited to 10A, but MP3431 boost converter should handle higher. I also changed bigger 1R5 valued inductor to it from broken Convoy driver. With 6,7 mOhm current sense resistor mine gives an output of 6,2A and draws 12A from battery. This with battery voltage of 4,1.

Nice driver modding Haukkeli :+1:

One 21700 and boost driver from Simon.

ok,but its stock driver there?

This one

I haven’t done anything with my flashlights anymore for several months, but today I added aux leds to my edc FWAA. Due to the fact that attiny85 sits inside, there is only one color - ice blue, but I think that’s enough for me.
imgur gallery

FWAA aux mod

I also finished a mod for a friend recently. He saw it at Vinh’s and wanted it too. 7x xhp50.2 5000k mule.
Apart from the auxes, I also added a blue GITD tape to the inner wall. I think it was a good idea.
imgur gallery

Wow! outstanding work

That is really neat…outstanding! Putting that on my list of I-should-probably-dos.

congrats on your mod

there are some inexpensive Novatacs on ebay atm… if you need more… LOL

I just modded one to 519a 4500k, and did the 250 click unlock, to make it programmable…

really pleased with the beam quality, and output increased to 270 lumens…

more pics and info here