What did you mod today?

Took the stock driver out of my XinTD C8 (V5) and replaced it with a FET driver. I was going to dedome the XP-G2 S4 2B , but decided against it , as I did not want a pencil beam out of this light.
Getting 4.31 amps at tail with a rested LG HE4 (taken with Uni-T clamp meter from GB) think I can get the amps up just a bit more with a spring bypass at both ends, may try that later.

A couple of beamshots ……….

125 yards to Dead Tree

175 yards

Nice solid C8 right there! :slight_smile:

Nice work robo :beer:

XinTD C8 is one of my favourite lights :wink: I really like the quality of it .

Thanks. Yes i really like the overall quality of the Xin, certainly well built lights.

Do you remember when you purchased it ? For old or new xp-g2 , it performs really well for a domed emitter .

In post #1451 and #1532 I modded a very small AA zoomie with a dedomed XP-G2 S3 3D and a 15mm Bistro-driver. It worked very well and I got 41 kcd throw out of the tiny 18 mm lens. I liked it so well that today I did the exact same mod on a Cofly AA zoomie, that is almost as small but has a bit wider lens: 21.2mm, that promises 21.2sq / 18sq = 1.39 times 41 = 57 kcd, assumed that everything else equal which is seldom the case.

Here’s the zoomie:

I used again the 15mm Oshpark board that was designed by wight ages ago and reflowed the components of a Banggood Bistro-driver, except the FET, that is too big, I used and LFPAK33 FET from Mountain Electronics. And again the driver works well, not every combination of board and components is blessed, but this one just works!

For clamping the driver into the aluminium pill, my trick is solderering a small solid copper wire into a ground-ring-via near the FET, bend it over the edge of the board to the other side and then solder everything in, then filing it to shape. This wires sticks out when pushing the driver into the pill with a vice, the driver is now well fixed to the pill, and it has good electrical contact.

The led was reflowed on a 16mm Noctigon and dedomed while still hot. This host requires no thinning of the Noctigon, luckily the focus is correct with full thickness of the board. I glued the board in with Arctic Alumina Adhesive and soldered the led wires. Then with a permanent marker everything around the die was blackened for an artifact-free beam.

The switch received some attention too, I did not trust the stock switch with 3.5+ amps of this mod, neither its resistance or that it will not fail. I have no pictures but with a hacksaw I sawed a slice off the aluminium switch housing, widened the opening with the drill-press and sanded it nice and flat, that was the new retaining ring for a standard 16mm switch-board with small Omten (spring bypassed). The boot cap was replaced by a thinner 6mm height blue one, so the light tailstands now.

It is another very succesful mod, first the tint is again very pleasant neutral ~4000K, and the rest: on a purple Efest 14500, 30 seconds after switch-on, the output in flood modus is 560 lumen, in spot 260 lumen, the throw, measured at 7 meters, is 58 kcd, almost exactly as predicted. For reference: that is over the stock throw of an un-modded Jacob A60 :smiley:

I purchased it from Richard (mtnelectronics) on 5-2-2015.

Robo819 - You’ve got an old emitter there , if you dedome it , it will be a beast . Made 2 great C8’s with these leds with over 175kcd’s.

Djozz - Another great mod :slight_smile: I really admire your work ! If you ever need any help on the drivers drop me a message (or any “special” driver like zener modded , dual switch etc).

Yes it would throw more for sure. I just did not want a pencil type beam on this light is why I did not dedome it. I have some good throwers already though such as the Maxtoch 2x , M24 (both dedomed and 4.5 amp boards) even a Thorfire C8 that will do 500+ yards of throw , so the Xin I think is good for now.

Thanks for the offer! For the moment I kind of like to work around the fact that I can not flash MCU’s. With affordable drivers with good UI around nowadays (A6, X5/6) there’s quite a few options.

That said, I tried to move the X5/6 driver components to a 22mm Oshpark board and then zener-mod it and despite hours of troubleshooting it never worked.

I sliced the XHP-70 in my Nitecore TM03. Took a bunch of undoing to get there, interesting build…

Did an emitter swap in my Armytek Predator Pro from XP-G2 to XP-L HI V2 3D, the driver is standard so it only delivers a bit over 2 A to the emitter.

It’s not Dale photo quality but here is a photo taken with my Samsung ST70:

I finished a wonderful little Convoy M1 with XHP-50, 2S 18350. As usual packed the driver cavity full of soft potting and all around the reflector. Surprising amount of run time in turbo before too much heat is felt. I love the nice thick shelves in Convoy lights.

Still waiting on emitters to come :weary:

So I half polished my optic. I think I’ll leave it like this. My thinking is that the “throw” comes from outer “walls” of the optic, so polishing that part will get me the throw increase. Then leaving the center textured will help blend the spill better. And right now I think I like how it looks.

I like it! and the theory. Must post beam shots.

I’m uploading pics of Sumptin I did.

Nice polish job PD. What are you going to put it in?

I really like these cute 3s with XPL HI or dedomed. Really good combination of output and throw, IMO.

I plan to use some XP-L 3A’s dedomed

One thing I like about the CUTE-3 is that you don’t have to de-dome anything until you get into triple XHP-50’s. :wink:

Messin with S41 #2. Sucker was GLUED hard. I finally prevailed, but 2 light scuffs on the bezel. Got it apart and wanted to upgrade the wires. This one has a White MCPCB. I used 20 AWG and put it back together. Some foul language as I watched the tint go blue after 30sec. Put it on ML and saw 2 dedomed blue emitters. OK, I got parts… HMMM, Carclo quad is 24mm and Manker is 22mm. Bleep, Bleep… Some time later…

Soldered in Tpad Quad with XP-L HI V2 3A

Kept original driver. Bypassed both springs and 20 AWG. Not gonna have any problems again.

My first Green Nichia S41 on the Left, New built S41 XP-L HI V2 3A on the Right. New personal record, 12.9A

I recently put a cute 3 in an ultrafire F13. Nice having the longer runtime for this high power light.