What did you mod today?

Received my XHP70.2 P2 1A 6000K from KD. Took some time to mod my Acebeam K60 as below:

Original XHP70 (shaved), the donut is worse than without shaving. Lumens dropped about 3%.

Took out the DTP from K60.

The back of DTP is rough.

Desoldered stock shaved XHP70.

Re-soldered XHP70.2

Cleaned up the existing thermal paste.

Finally :slight_smile:

Glad that there is totally no donut, even at far distance (which previously is quite noticeable).
Lumens increased by nearly 10% (ceiling bound: shaved XHP70 - 546 lux increased to 599 lux- XHP70.2 P2 1A 6000K, measured 10 seconds after switching on). By ratio to Maxtoch 2X - 1450 lm (168 lux), the maximum new XHP70.2 in K60 is about 5300 lm (618 lux).