What did you mod today?

Ha, ha! I see now. Thanks for the clarification. :+1:

That’s funny, I also thought the overall size of the XP-L2 same as XP-G2. Bringing this kind small detail is so educative. Footprint is the correct word, not die. So now I can say that XML has same footprint has XML2 but different die. Thanks for the reading!

In Cree parlance, the footprint is XM, XP, XR, XB, etc. The die size is L, G, E, etc.

So XP-L and XM-L2 actually use the same chip (the L2), but one is in the bigger XM casing and the other is in the trimmed XP casing (you can see the 4 “slices” taken off the dome).

That’s not even counting the XHPs, the MTs, etc.

What slice?

May I introduce BLF Q8 Janus:

2 Heads, one white, one with red, green, blue and amber LEDs, heads and color LEDs individually controllable.

The modified MCPCB with XP-E2 color LEDs, and my driver which is used in both heads. In the white head populated with FET + 7135, in the color head populated with 4 x 7135 for each LED. MCU is Attiny 841. Full ramping UI of course. The reflector bottom had to be grinded a bit to make room for the outer LED wire pad. Reversed MCPCB polarity (batt+ at the outer trace to keep grinding at a minimum).

Cut a solid 6mm brass rod and soldered a spring on one end in order to bring batt+ to the rear head. Used tape to isolate the rod and drilled a hole in the tail PCB.

The threads at the rear end of the battery tube are too short to reach the driver board so I made cut outs (for the PCB screws) to a copper ring and put this ring on top of the PCB.

Btw., this is how I program my Q8 drivers:

You are Darth Maul.

Actually my initial project name was “lightsaber”. :smiley:

Impressive, can you cap off either end and have it work as a single light or is it fixed in this dual config now?

:laughing: Very cool.

I put a Samsung L351D HICRI led in my D4 Emisar and M43 Meteor lights ;)

It’s only screwed and can be separated easily for 2 individual lights. I just unscrew the rear head and pull brass rod and copper ring out.

How’s the output and tint of the Samsung Emitters?

I’m curious about the beam, I don’t think I’ve ever read any review/tests with samsung emitters

With the medium amp draw from the meteor it seems like a pretty ideal light for those LEDs.

All hail BLF Q8 Janus, and of course FM. Nice. :+1:

Wonderful weird project Flashy Mike! :smiley:
That is lots of designing and building!

Thanks for the links


@Flashy Mike
Very cool Q8s!

Your Sofirn C8 with grinded bezel is very cool!

That’s a very cool mod, Flashy Mike :+1: :beer: :beer: