What did you mod today?

Finally finished my own 18650 lantern mod. I have no build thread, and I can not recommend anyone making it precisely as I did because it involved so many little customisations and part-making (nothing special but too many to count) that taking a different approach would be highly recommended.

Description: I use an old Supfire A6-T6 as a host. The light comes from a 2000K Nichia E21A driven by a 3x7135 biscotti driver. The optic came from a Philips household bulb. The bezel was heavily adapted, an aluminium ring was made to clamp the optic and attach the roof to, the ledboard was raised with an extra copper spacer, and a sturdy roof was constructed, to protect the plastic optic, but more for aestetics.

It is hopelessly inefficient, at max I measure 1.05A and just 80 lumen, that is only 19 lm/W. For comparison, just yesterday I measured the BLF-LT1 in warmest 2600K setting at 43 lm/W. I think the main reason is the ultrawarm 2000K 90CRI led, but the optic may be less efficient than the LT1 optic too.

Still, it will have high practical use, as a night light for my son (at 25mA/140hrs runtime) when not at home, and when camping 80 lumen is plenty, normal use when sitting in front of the tent will even be lower (we hardly travel by car, the BLF lantern will in most occasions be too large to take with us).