What did you mod today?

forsh, since they have all the sense resistor pads bridged with zero level resistors the only way I can see to improve output is through a better MOSFET. That may be difficult to find in the package they used, but there are some or have been.

We used to use one that I still have a few of, back when Comfychair started hacking 105C drivers into FET controlled direct drive. The numbers are in my mind but jumbled, something about N and 0 and 7… lol (memory, totally sucks) I’ll see if I can find em and let you know what to look for.

Ah yes! I have a few of these laying around as well! Are these still relevant?

Bingo! Thanks Jos! :slight_smile:

The ones we used back then were Vishay branded, hard to find even then.

Relevant for a driver that uses this package size and needs a better MOSFET… like the one forsh is working on. :wink:

I remember they were getting scarce at one point, and MTN only had a few left in stock so I ordered a couple. Never used them because right at the same time I kind of got out of modding for a good while. Bought a ZL SC63w at the time and that kept me satisfied for quite a while…

I modified a D25LC2 Mini clip for use on my S21A and C8+:

The D25 was my EDC for a long time but the screw holes failed. An M2 x 6mm screw and nut fits perfectly for these clips and lights. I think the clip just made the S21A my new EDC!

In fact, I would like to know where I can buy more of this or similar clip model (?). Only if the Convoy clip was as good as this one.

I guess that the AliExpress store of EAGTAC has them, but you need to confirm!

Look there:


Wow, I never knew they had an AE store!

Thank you Sandro!

I guess it is relatively recent there, maybe from last year, but it has lights, clips, batteries and accessories ! And your search gave me some ideas as well concerning the clips :smiley:

BTW, some time ago I did something alike to get a less pretty result, compared to yours :wink:

I recently picked up an Olight S1R Baton II to use at work because I like the tiny form factor and the magnetic charger is great for quick top-offs when I swing by the desk. I work in a semiconductor fab and the overhead lights have UV filters on them to protect the wafers during the photolithography process. This makes the ambient light look very yellow. The S1RII’s cool white low CRI emitter looks positively horrid in these lighting conditions, so I decided to swap it.

I swapped in a 3000K 90+ CRI XM-L2 (XMLBWT-00-0000-000UT20E7) and was very pleased and surprised to see that this is one of the most beautifully tinted emitters I’ve seen. I measured it with a color meter and the tint measures almost exactly the same as a sw45k. I wasn’t expecting that but it looks absolutely lovely. I want to order a few more but I’m afraid they’ll end up being from a different tint bin.

White balance @ 4000K

That XM-L2 looks excellent and it is the brightest 90CRI bin for the XM-L2 :+1: Thanks for the heads up!

Rayoui, where did you get that emitter and when? Mouser? Interested as I have a few lights with picky reflectors that only seen to like doomed XML2s… never found a non-80/85cri tint I liked in this emitter… found the answer in another thread.

And I did some stuff as well. Modded my FW3A with an S21A reflector that I machined down to clearance the head. I’ve been trying to source one of these reflectors for so long and finally broke down and bought a host from MTN. Turns out I really like the s21a as well, but it’s going to turn into a long runtime LH351d triple/quad soon enough.

Convoy s21a reflector in fw3a Convoy s21a reflector in fw3a - Album on Imgur

Convoy makes reflectors that make excellent beams, good idea!

I just realized the FW3A doesn’t have a SST-20 3000K option. Did you do an emitter swap on that one? If so, was that from Kaidomain?

Mike, you just made a new requirement for the next BLF light :stuck_out_tongue:

Mmm, that is tempting. My Z1 already satisfies the “compact thrower” thing, but it has less than 25% of the output of this monster…

It’s a pre-soldered Noctigon star from Intl-outdoor. HB4 I believe.

HB4 is above the BBL. No wonder why it’s so green. KD used to sell a HD2 bin that was somewhat rosy. I was assuming it was the HD2 bin because it’s more popular so I was surprised how the XM-L2 appeared that much rosier.

Even without comparing it next to another light, this particular XM is one of the pinkest LEDs I’ve seen. It measures about the same tint as my sw45k lights. I can take a comparison photo with some slightly rosy XP-L HI in 3000K when I get home from work.