What did you mod today?

Added some glow … sorry ‘turbo glow’ to the fwaa tonight. (apparently you can’t just say glow anymore, it has to be turbo :wink: )

yes i know, for me works without any

Cool! :sunglasses:
May I ask where did you get it or how did you do it?

It’s not that hard. Just a bit of glow tape stuck to the inner circumference of the head :person_with_crown:

AHHH! :smiley: The same kind I normally do :stuck_out_tongue:
I just thought it was a “triple” glow gasket and was wondering if they were for sale out there!

I need to order some more GITD tape so I can “turbo glow” it :wink:

I added a red channel for someone to their FW3T. It’s running Anduril 2 with the stepped ramp replaced with a smooth red ramp.

I think someone has done this before to an FW3A. I recall seeing something similar a long time ago but can’t find the post.


No details? What red LED? Is the red on 1x7135 like similar builds? How difficult was editing firmware to make two smooth ramps? No MCPCB pics? :slight_smile:

Fair, I forgot to take photos for a lot of the process.

It’s a sst-20-dr 660nm because it’s what I could get with 1 day shipping from digikey. The footprint of the sst-20-dr seems to be only available in the B120 version which isn’t our usual 3535 footprint but has smaller pads. I only noticed after the LED wasn’t bouncing during the reflow like the other sst-20s. It’s not an issue with just the 350mA from the 1X7135 that’s powering it.

I cut the traces from the bank of 7135s and was originally feeding the red led 7X7135s but the dimmest mode was too bright so I removed 6 of them.

There was also a leaky 7135 or two on the board since the red led was dimly illuminated even when the light was off but the battery was connected. Removing 6 of the 7135s helped stop the leaking and helped make the lowest red mode dimmer than the white and the red led is still really bright with just a single 7135.

I did this mod for someone who is a pilot instructor and they wanted a red light to stop them from being blinded when flying across open water in the darkness so I made all the changes to anduril with not blinding them in mind. The light switches between the red and white modes with a triple click, and always starts on low when the modes are switched. I also added a shortcut to the red mode while the user is in the white mode.

I’m not familiar with C or anduril 2 so it was hours of trial and error, changing one value then flashing it and seeing if it was the right parameter until everything was perfect.

nice work!

The guy I modified it for really liked it which was a good feeling after the hours of work I put into perfecting it. :smiley:

Excellent FW3P :beer:

make more, you will soon be rich and famous :person_with_crown:

Any beam shots of the dual emitter? Curious how/if it changed the beam.

It’s still quite round and nice. I have a video with similar setup somewhere in this thread

Convoy C6

Of course it’s just plain old C8 with an aluminum spacer

Leds are the mix of 3000K and 5000K Luxeon V2.
The led4power’s 6A driver in DD mode gives 8.5A on tail, so I’m guessing around 3000lm.

The build process:

I don’t know if it’s the case of an old type C8 host, but mine shorted leds wires, so I had to isolate the screw:

… and also the fully tightened bezel gave me this:


Tint comparision between K9.3 SST-20 4000K (left) and C6 (right):

Album with all pictures

Nice, what optic is that ?

Ledil Anna 40-6

Thanks JaredM.

Cheap eBay microscope got an upgrade

The little coin cells finally died but instead of replacing them I replace the whole thing with a QX5252 circuit that is powered by a single AAA battery. The cool white emitter has also been replaced with 4000k rngwn 5mm

Ouch. Did the optic survive that?