What did you mod today?

I finally put together my Convoy T2 Triple.
I used a 17mm Convoy 5A Driver, custom copper spacer, and FWAA MCPCB & Optic.

Custom Copper Spacer:

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Nice work!

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Swapped a cheap BLF A6 to new-gen XP-L HI in 4000k, from Convoy.

Overall, a quick and easy swap, the most time consuming part was cleaning up the reflow after accidentally using too much solder paste.

New, and old. It’s a V2 flux bin, 5C1 tint bin. Not the very best, but better than stock. Pretty bright on turbo.

The CCT was alright, the tint wasn’t actually as bad as it reads on the LM3. Interestingly it started as 80cri on low, and went down as the power went up.

Noticed a weird camera artifact while trying to photograph it in moonlight mode, perhaps a result of the PWM

I noticed that while testing the emitter to verify polarity, light wouldn’t just come out the front, but out the sides and bottom too. I assume this is a result of the flip-chip construction.

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This is normal with today’s LEDs, especially those with Flip chip design. The light is emitted also on the sides of the LED chip which then illuminates the silicone layer and phosphor around it.

The beam looks weird and somewhat ugly on the shot (blueish center, yellowish corona, like Cree rainbow) - is this also present in reallife?

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It’s there but not much, the camera is exaggerating it. Like so many emitters, it just looks different to the eye.

The stock reflector is not a perfect match, and the glass uses a magenta AR coating.

It seems to work better with an S2+ OP reflector, I haven’t tried with a smooth reflector.

It would probably look a lot nicer behind a TIR, so I will still be building a DT8K with these (as mixed 4000/5000k)

Also, I’d be interested in seeing how the new XP-L HI performs, especially the 5000k V4 bins that Convoy has, do you have plans to test it?

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I don’t have this specific bin from Simon. (And I also have no plans to buy some because I don’t need them :smiley: )

I have some lower-binned XP-L HI 2nd gen from Mouser around (V2 or V3 low CRI), maybe I can do a test.

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That’s fine with me, a test would be great, it should still give a pretty good estimate of how hard it can be driven, compared to the original XP-L HI. Should be interesting to compare against XM-L2 Gen 2 too, seeing they probably use the same die.

Put a 20° beaded TIR (for 5050 LEDs) in my S2+, together with a B35AM 5000K. Looks nice so far, gotta see how it feels to use once it’s dark. Will probably swap for a 3500K B35AM - I wanted to see if I enjoy the neutral color, but I feel like in a EDC light that will mainly be used indoors at night, warmer color is nicer.

Looks like I nailed the centering even if the emitter is smaller than the TIR centering aids.

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I finally put the finishing touches on what I’m calling my “Deadpool Light”:

Without Battery:

Original S6 post here:

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Nice my friend!

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Not sure if this really belongs here but here it is anyway…

My eldest daughter asked me to help her with her uni project (she’s studying interior architecture). A bedside light … :grin::grin::grin: “Well of course, sweet heart, i can help you…”

In her mind she threw together a couple of shapes on the computer… and i said “how the … am i going to make that…?” Well it wasn’t that hard, and I’m kinda proud of it. My daughter seems to like it so brownie points for papa :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You might notice some tearing on the contoured parts at the head and base, that’s largely because i have a metal lathe (and not set up for wood).

Light consists of a pixel ring. Powered by a usb cable , Bluetooth connectable , generic rgb led strip driver.


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Very cool “Cricket Cage” design :wink:

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Nicely done!

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I didn’t even know cricket cage was a thing… just a small bird cage right?

Thanks Don (Master of wood) :smiley:

That picture of the cricket/insect creeps me out.
Also, if that’s a cricket, it’s the biggest cricket that I’ve ever seen! :cricket:

the bars are spaced closer together :wink:
a quick google

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Posted on Reddit first, but here’s my D3AA with 5050 MCPCB and LMP W5050SQ3:

The MCPCBs are custom copper DTP with a unusual rotation on the emitters to make them fit around the screw, which necessitates a new AUX board.

Beamshots: left is the W5050SQ3 3000K, right is 519A 5000K Domed, both with 10511 optics.

These round die emitters have some serious throwy potential, I’d like to see them under a 10507.
Also, I need to order some more D3AAs, as I want to try SFT40. What other emitters might work nicely?

If you’d like to build your own, I have plenty of boards (both MCPCB and Aux) :wink:

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You should have simply swap emitters with XPP 3000K 90CRI…Even smaller LES than FFL

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If I could get them, that is… and I wanted 5050 just for the lols :wink:

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Very impressive Zwerglein02!

Have you considered using a screw with a smaller head rather than using Kapton tape?

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