What do you consider EXPENSIVE in a flash?.........

I would consider anything above $50 to be expensive.

My most expensive light to date was a little over $30 i think.

Surefire Beast II……

See Post #6.

WTF over. :open_mouth:

$50.00 Would be expensive, but I have never seen a flashlight I would pay that much for. In fact I looking at anythng over $20.

Just ordered a Q8 this morning (used one of the discounts). So $50ish is my new max.
Otherwise I try to stay under $20.

However if you are like me I like to have a battery/ies inside every light on the shelf. So I could consider the Q8 a $70+ light.

My last non budget light (NBL) was the copper Convoy S2+. The NBL before that cost me $111 (yes, metoo). Those lights stand out in the last couple of years. The rest were mainly $20 lights. Give or take. My addiction started off a bit more up-scale, because my first lights came from brick and mortar stores. The peak was a $200 ltd Ti SWM for SWMBO. Rest assured: she (mis)treated it if it was an SK68. In a next life I will give her an SK68 (clone).
Today my official statement is: enough is enough. But occasionally I *oogle for budget lights from the past. Budget rule of thumb: AAA=$8, AA=$12, 1*18650=$20, bigger=$25.

” nottawhackjob ” I think a poll may shed some LIGHT on this important issue, especially since BLF carries the Budget principle in its name.

My opinion will vary depending on my current Budget VS how much I really want the light. $20 < = budget, $75 > = expensive.

Well, I’ve never paid more than ~$50, and I’ve only paid that much twice — both for Q8s on sale or with a coupon. Almost everything else I’ve purchased has also been discounted to varying degrees. Other than the Q8s, I’ve only spent more than $20 on a couple of lights, and I think they were still under $25.

I’m comfortable spending $10-13 on lights. Moving up from there, I grow increasingly circumspect.

However, at this point, this point, I’m feeling like I need to be more selective. That means I’m trying to resist the urge to buy $10-13 lights, while being more open to spending ~$20 for particularly compelling lights.

Now, when it comes to modding, things are a little different. I try not to spend more than $10-15 on hosts or a working light I intend to mod. I’ve started building drivers so I can try to keep the driver as close to $5 as possible. Emitters, well, I’ve used a lot of Nichia’s and SST-40s, so ~$5 with a PCB. I am eyeing a few builds with more expensive, multi-die emitters, in the $10 range.

But then is the time I spend on builds, which is almost always significantly more than I intended.

I consider anything over $60.00 expensive, when you see at all the Group Buys that have such great lights, the problem is many of those I don’t consider budget lights and I cant justify buying them.
Two years ago I purchased most of my lights locally, if I saw something interesting at a sporting goods stores would say:
$10.00-15.00 was a average light
$15.00-30.00 was a nice light
$30.00-50.00 was an really nice but expensive light, and not very often did I buy this one.
Today I would say 80% of the lights I buy now are $20.00-35.00 and usually are either be on sale or have a code
20% are $35.00 - 60.00
The most I have ever paid was $81.13 that was for an Acebeam K30 that normally sold for $115.90.

I started off with a $15 Convoy C8 and was happy….that was about as much I wanted to spend…
but BEWARE!! … this forum plays cunning mind tricks with you and has subliminal messages to force you into buying flashlights and accessories.
The posts, reviews and photos of the BLF A6 and Q8 kept calling out to me like a siren, saying “Buy me, please buy me…save me from this horrible warehouse”.
And I did!
Then M4D M4X came along with his Haikelite MT07s group buy, and dangled a not to be missed price in front of a very weakened man. Evil!!
Once more I had to do it.

I finally bought the Astrolux MF02 for about $80 which is about the most I would spend on a flashlight, but it is well worth the price and an incredible thrower.

“What do you consider EXPENSIVE in a flash?………”
Well, it’s all to do with what value you put on a flashlight, compared to what else you can get for your money.
These days where I live, a pint of beer in a pub costs US$8, a pack of 20 cigarettes US$15, a decent meal for 2 with drinks US$80…
And you have nothing to show for it the next day.
So buying a decent flashlight which is going to last you years and years is well worth whatever you are prepared to spend.

Depends, something like a small EDC I wouldn’t spend more than $300 on, but a long distance searchlight like the maxabeam is definitely worth $2k+
I just try to not but things I don’t really need.