What do you feed your pets?

We have a dog and two cats.

The dog has eaten Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult with Chicken ever since I got him in 2010.

I chose this because it's one of the cheapest dry dog foods, and as it turns out, people give it good reviews online.

I honestly did very little research when choosing this dog food, but the dog loves it, and he is very healthy.

The two cats have been on different cat foods until recently.

One cat is about the right size, and the other is very overweight.

The overweight one is eating Purina One Healthy Metabolism with Turkey.

The more normal sized one is eating Purina One Indoor Advantage with Turkey.

My mom and sister did a lot of research before choosing these cat foods.

The small bags of Purina One Healthy Metabolism and Indoor Advantage are pretty expensive (per pound).

But the large bags are very inexpensive for cat food that helps cats lose/maintain weight.

Out of all the dry cat food that is reasonably priced and was researched by my family, the Purina One's have the most protein.

They haven't been on this cat food long, but so far, so good.

My sister also has a bunch of pet fish.

I'm not sure what she feeds them, but I'll find out if anyone wants to know.

By the way, I have no ties to Purina.

That's just what we feed our dog and cats.

What do you feed your pets?

Canidae Pure Sea.

Dogs eat the same thing all the time it should at least be primarily meat and not processed fillers.

Whole Dog Journal has a list every year with a few dozen good dog foods to buy.

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Grain Free only —— I have 2 cats — They eat Taste of the Wild dry food —- One is going on 16 yrs old —people think she’s around 5 yrs old — I always make jokes that she’s gonna bury me —- with grain free food you feed less volume of food with more crude nutrients—Lots less poop to

My dog became diabetic after 10 years of age. She get a small amount of Purina with real chicken and rice. Sometimes she eats better than I do.


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(She's LDS.)


We live out in the middle of nowhere.

We don't get visitors unless they're invited, and many times they have trouble finding the place.

In the almost five years we've lived here, we've had zero trick-or-treaters on Halloween!

Diabetic people really have to limit their rice consumption.

I hope your dog does well on her food.

We live out in the sticks as well. Not many visitors at all really. Few locals up and down the road and the occasional sight seer. Pretty peaceful most of the time. Never had any church folk come knocking. I surely wouldn’t feed any of them to the dog. She wouldn’t eat em anyway. She’s a big baby. We did get some of the Pokemon Go players out here when the game first got popular. I stopped one time to ask if they needed any help and they told me what they were doing. I really didn’t know what they were talking about at the time. Just told them to be careful and went on my way.

Back on topic, I think the wife feeds our pit Blue Buffalo or something like that. Blue something it is. She’s got a subscription to one of those pet supply joints that deliver at the same time every month. Don’t ask me which one. That’s her area of expertise. I just pay the bill.

That’s just what the vet had told us to do initially. Then they suggested Science diet glucose management which is $60 for 16 to 20 lbs. Her stomach couldn’t handle the food well so we went ba k with the chicken, rice and Purina mix.

Wellness-brand dry dog food, and have for years. It strikes a nice balance of being an above-average quality product without being too expensive, especially bought in bulk. Specifically we buy the purple bag, chicken and oat, variety because our dog seems to like it best.

There are some really good resources out there on this topic, if you want to dive deep. I really like the detail that www.dogfoodadvisor.com goes into.

I give CAPO the best food. There are several brands that qualify. PURINA is NOT one of them!

Merrick Beef/Buffalo and Sweet potato GRAIN FREE.

That food and ALL his treats are natural.No dyes/NO preservatives/No junk. :sunglasses:

His food has NEVER been recalled. :+1:

My Dragons eat whatever they want.

Sounds like the perfect place to drop your pick.

I lived on my yachts and in caravan for over 30 yrs.
Perfect environment. Nobody else.
Unless YOU wanted…
Just hoist your sales and fark off to sea for a month or so.
Everybody forgets about you.
Just cat for company.

I got pissed lifting dog out of sea after he chased the Dolphins over the bow all the time.
Stupid isn’t the word for those things.

Purina “Pro-Plan” Biscuits. 4 kilo. Local $63 a bag.
City $47 a bag.

Again Purina “Fancy feast” there are 6 different ones. we vary them all the time.

4 x 12 packs.
Local $1.25 ea serve, City .85c per, x 48.
plus $47 for Bisc. Picked up this morn.
His monthly food.
15yr old “Cornish Rex” cat.
Cat gets fed better than me…

When your cat gets that old. HE eats what HE likes.
regardless of the label on the front hey.
Fit as Mallee Bull. chases drop Kicks (Miniature things they call dogs), out the front yard.
and beats me up the stairs.
Purina ain’t too bad. He likes it. (At the moment)

My dog eats everything.

He especially likes rats and local cats.

But we also feed him Lukullus

Fromm dog food… grain free…I had a cat that was allergic to the food we were feeding him, not a pretty sight…he eventually developed acute pancreatitis, vet said in all likelihood it was a food allergy, switched to Fromm and he was much much better… so I don’t skimp on my buddies food….lesson learned.

I cook the food for my dog every two weeks. I know exactly what is going in her mouth via the food bowl. What she eats away from that is on her. :slight_smile:

Started with mice.

Graduated to rats after a few years.

With a special treat now & then…. ‘wabbit’.

Yep…. pet is a snake.

Wow—Not coming visit you—-

:smiley: … I would not let it get you. :wink: . No worse than your pet gator at your Bayou camp. :wink:

I am about to soon sell or donate it to a zoo or reptile farm. It’s to big to be fun any more… it’s just work dealing with it. :frowning: . :weary:

I feed my Spaniel raw meat and bone, to which I add some pureed vegetables. He thrives on it.

When I first got him as a pup I started feeding him kibble with some cooked meat until I read a bit about raw feeding. Now I’d never go back.

Apparently a dog’s digestive system isn’t designed to be able to cope with starch, so any starch basically comes out the back end.

Considering how much food goes in my dog, there’s surprisingly little waste that comes out of him, and what does is fairly inoffensive.