what do you guys think about this 7 led flashlight?

anything similar at this price range or cheaper?

how many minutes runtime should one expect from 3 18650’s @ 34000mah

Personally, I wouldnt trust it.

I dont know that it is technically possible that it could reach 8500 lumens with 7 XM-L’s. Maybe it is, as the Thrunite TN-31 reaches 1147L with 1 XM-L, but first of all, I dont believe it will, especially for $86. Secondly, I seriously doubt that the body/head of that light will be able to handle the heat produced by 7 XM-L’s on high, or even medium for that matter, if medium is 4000L.

If it does reach anywhere close to 8500L, or 7000L, its going to quickly overheat.

In order to design a light that will handle that kind of heat without overheating, it should certainly cost more than $86 I would think, and it’s head should probably be larger too.

Not to mention the fact that it supposedly runs at 8500L on just 3-18650’s! Run time on high/turbo would be around 15-20 minutes tops! I think 3 –18650’s would have a hard time putting out the amount of current it would take to run it that high. My Thrunite TN-30 runs on 3-18650’s, but only up to 2700 Lumens, and you can tell it is going to warm up quickly even at that…. I’ve only owned it for 2 days now, and havent kept it on turbo(or high) for more than 30 seconds at a time yet. Havent had a good opportunity yet.

I’d personally steer clear of this thing, thats the bottom line……

It can’t put out 8500 lumens, no production led has this kind of efficiency

Looks like a Trustfire TR-J18

In this style light you’re far better off buying the original !!

It won’t reach anywhere near 4000OTF lumens. For this kind of torch it’d be around 2300 to around 2900. If you see the modded X100 with a KD driver, that reaches over 4000 OTF lumens and overheats like a mofo, is also has much more aggressive heatsinking than this particular model.
As the guy above me said, you may as well go for a TR-j12, cheaper for same light output.

You would be better with a TR-J12 or a Skyray King….Welcome to BLF your new home !

It's same as my Keygos 7T6, which was disappointing, but came turned into ok light with driver swap: See here.

You would be better with a TR-J12 or a Skyray King….Welcome to BLF your new home !

thanks guys, yeah i bought a skyray king :bigsmile:

thanks guys, yeah i bought a skyray king

King 4x 18650 Orbtronic 4 hours +
This is mixing power modes and on Panasonic protected, on low modes double the time plus, under the King Post I ran a test bouncing every 20 to 30 minutes between modes and the light has an amazing run time…… 5 to 6 hours

The King starts with 2500 lumens and down steps the lumens according to power.

I have about 20 lights and the King is my favorite light. In an emergency on 1 cell 230 lumens it will run for hours.