what do you make of this? SolarForce

Just got this battery from SFsales today. It seems that the battery, or at least the control board has been used. It came charged to 4.13V. I have never had a new battery come with contact spring marks before. You can see, in real life maybe not my crappy picture, that it is a circular mark just like all batteries get when screwed into a light a few times. Im not going to complain about it but Im just curious about it. Maybe the board was taken from a bad battery? Some testing procedure?

First they send damaged lights with nicks and dents and now used batteries as new? Tsk tsk, Solarfarce...


you paid full price ?

ya send them a nasty gram see what they say

Yes, I did pay full price for a new battery. I sent them an email just to see what they say.

Drop them an email and see what they say. I hope SolarForce tighten up their parts QC before sending it to buyers. It just give them a bad name each time someone received a bad or recycle part.

My 18650s and RCR123A came today, no machining marks. You bought in odd numbers?

I spoke too soon, in my batch of batteries and L2 / drop ins, they missed out 1 unit of RCR123A. Also one of the RCR123A measured 0.0V. Luckily I make it a point to practise safe Li-ion practices.

BTW it is not safe to even try charging up the 0V li-ion right?

It depends.. On protected battery the circuit cut-off when the voltage is too low so you can have a battery at 2,7 V but you read 0 v on your DMM. You can try to charge it for some minutes and see if you have voltage reading.

PS. Update on my case, they made good by sending 2 pcs of replacement RCR123A to me, anyway I made a new order today for a L2 and 2pcs of 18650 so they can tag along the shipment. Good cust service! I shall shop with confidence with them.