What do you store your flashlight stuff in? (chargers, accessories, batteries, lenses, etc)

How do you guys store all your flashlight "accessories". I am talking about all the little odds and ends, batteries, chargers, extra lenses, clips, anything really.

Right now I am using a smaller version of one of these, but I am quickly running out of room. I guess I could just go buy a cheap tool box, but I was wondering if there was anything "cooler" out there that wasn't too expensive.

I bought 2 of these at the Home Depot, they were $1 each...its a transparent shoe box with lid.

Your box looks really nice and sturdy.

Yeah I like the box I have but its pretty small, maybe 8" long by 6" wide and 5" deep. I can't fit my chargers or multimeter in it.

I need to find something better than what I have. I have what is basically a glorified shoebox. I might go look at options today, a tacklebox or something along those lines.

These Plano toolboxes looks like something that would work for me

Wow those look like they would do the trick!

Looks like you can get one for $23.99 from amazon and if you spend $25 you get free shipping



Wonder how much they are at local stores

This looks really decent too...

Says its in stock at my local walmart. I might go pick one up. I imagine the compartments in the trays are really small, but I am sure you cut cut and modify them to make different size trays. My only concern will be if the trays are tall enough to fit things like chargers and multimeters, which I highly doubt. I will have to see it in person.


I don't know how much locally, I just ordered the 1363 AND 1354 from Amazon. :p I have no patience. I know I can use one (possibly both) for light stuff, and if one isn't suited for the task I'm sure I can find a different use for it.

That Plano 1354 looks good for the price! I just wonder how tall the trays are?

I think the one I posted from Walmart is the same as the 1354, just a different color? Dimensions are the same.

I think the 1363 looks nice because of the deeper trays.


I got one at dick's sporting goods for $13 because it was missing one latch

Maybe they are the same. If you like the deeper trays, maybe the 1372 is the one for you. I think its just a little too big to fit on the shelf I plan on keeping it.

I'm using a tackle box as well. I have a two-drawer box. I keep my flashlight/electronic related tools in the top and store my parts in the drawers. Separate compartments for LEDs, drivers, switches, etc...

My shoe box isnt really that good, but I dont have as many parts as you guys, ie no drivers, or LEDs, etc...I just have a few lights and batteries (and eneloop charger) so for me it works out for now.


found this link the other day to some heavy duty cases. Some are crazy expensive of course, but others are affordable in the smaller sizes. I have only used pelican myself but it looks like pelican has plenty of competition these days with lower priced nice looking stuff

I have this, and it has worked out great.

Link: http://www.plumbersurplus.com/Prod/Stanley-Tools-014266R-Large-Double-Sided-Tool-Organizer/193638/Cat/1769?RefID=CJ

Available at Home Depot for around $30. It is double-sided, and has extra storage on both ends.

I store all my flashlight stuff scattered about in a random pattern in the general vicinity of my work bench.

Great minds think alike .


But in my case it isn't a bench but my home. Or thereabouts.


Mines used to be on a pretty small box, they won't have enough room inside any more.Right now there are a pair of them laying around each shelve, and table of my bedroom.

And on that small box, right now there are only spares,gitd powder,batteries and frustrated modding parts :(