what driver for this emitter? can you help me?

i have a ultrafire c8 that I would like to put a green light in and i think this is the emitter i would like.

what i cant figure out is what driver i need for this, i would like a single mode flashlight

Inquiring minds want to know.

If your C8 was quite cheap, it likely already has an XR-E in it. Swap emitters and bob’s yer uncle.

(Single mode suggests a mounted light? The cheapest “Remote Pressure Switch” guts can be swapped into whatever C8 tailcap you happen to have. Worked great when I tried it!)

the light i have is a 5 mode white light and i want to go to a 1 mode green light, what will i need to do this?

will this work with this LED

That’s dodgy, but it could work. Plan on killing an LED or two.

Cree specs limit the Green to 700mA. Your suggestion is going to overdrive the emitter. Not by much, but you’re pushing the you-know-what right out of the gate.

This wouldn’t be a bad board for a Green XR-E.

IMNERHO, I like both that one and this one.

Both are similarly priced, should give you decent run time, and will max the Iled for your Green emitter, for under two bucks.

Of course, there are other ways of making 700mA.

If you’re ordering from FT anyway, why not save yourself some more $$ and order your Green Cree XR-E Emitter from them at the same time? It will cost you ~the same as just the shipping on your eBay auction.

Hope this helps…

Dimbo this was more help than you know, i greatly appreciate your help. This is my first build so i am not a 100% sure as to what i needed, but i never saw anywhere where the green led can only have 700ma.

also just noticed that LED emitter that you posted is 20mm can i just file down the sides to make it 16mm?

Before you order: The green LED on ebay has a 16mm base, on fasttech 20mm. Take a look at the C8 which will fit.


Sorry I missed that! I haven’t seen many C8s, and all were gifted away long ago; but IIRC the LED “cup” seemed larger than the P60 size one. Within reason, bigger (even with fitting) would be better for drawing heat away from the LED. But the only way to know is to measure your own C8.

The Cree XR-E datasheet is the only reference I know. See P2 for the Characteristics table.


If it’s 16mm, you might like the XP-E in Green, but that’s all FT has for emitters that I can find. The main point for all that was to show you can keep the budget down quite a bit if you try.