What "feature" do you dislike the most in budget segment

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I know all of the above is tempting but it something really irritates you the most click that. :)

Unnecessary strobe modes.

Mostly the first four.

I always wondered where they go the pre-popped bubble wrap.


( my vote goes to it )

Build ..A bad body can't be fixed

Horrible PWM

Flashy modes

Terrible Tint .....purple ,gastly green ,blue ....argh

I think that bad assembly, glued emitters or heads, holes in heatsink, are the worst, because they are the hardest to fix.

I picked 1)Strobes but you missed an equally annoying “feature”…crenelated bezels and body fins.

Only when in the wrong place, which is most of the time!

For me its a combination of the first 4 too, the un-repairables...

Definitely Blinky modes.

I cant really vote just for one.

I have a few gripes but the seemingly default blinky modes irritate me. But the bigger concern for me is the uncertainty of if I will receive a reliable, long lasting light. Love the prices, but I'll pay a bit more for better reliability.

I agree totally! Would be so nice to depend on getting a quality product and one that is exactly as described! (ie. described with glass lens and aluminum reflector but you get it and it has a plastic lens and plastic reflector.)


(Edit - What do you know! My quote worked! Even editting to only include the part I wanted!)

that's why you have Lighthound, ShiningBeam, and GoingGear to shop at!

Poor machining is probably the worst of the offenses for me. I actually CUT MY HAND on a SkyRay heatsink during dis-assembly.

I don't think torches should slice you open, but that's just one man's opinion.

Drop-ins can be replaced and switches fixed. If a light comes off the lathe too soon however, if threads are poorly cut, if paint poses as anodization, that flashlight will suck and it will never stop sucking. That's why I make such a big deal of machine quality. I've yet to find a burr, nick or rough surface cutting that can hide from my camera. Drivers can be swapped, the wrong color boot changed but good machine work is a number one priority to me.


I just tried to make my custom drop in for a two cell 502d. The drop-in stuck, the head threads we worn, the tab on the positive side popped, but could finally make it work (after burning a driver and ruining a pill while trying to adjust and attach new springs on the drop-in). Will never pay more than $5 for a 502x-501x.

LOL! You've just described the three mode Sipik 68 clone. I have two on order and if they're any good another half dozen will follow. My perfect edc!

I guess on the list I'd most hate badly machined and put together; with a torch like that, poor switch and threads usually seem to come as part of the same package.

As far as I’m concerned, if the hard components of the light are made poorly and threads look like they were gnawed by a beaver then everything else is a mute point.

Oh yeah. What foy said.