What flashlight do you keep beside your bed?

That FWAA sure is a beauty Geuzzz! I really like my triple dedomed sm305 519As in my copper S2+. A very good waking up in the middle of the night type of LED.

In regards to which flashlight I keep at my nightstand, any of them that have a lighted tailcap. I know exactly where it is when I wake up.

I have an LT1 lantern on my night stand i use every night, plus i have an Olight S15R & a Haikelite MT01 modded with a MTG2 for flashlights at the moment on my night stand. ( but a swap out the flashlights with other from time to time.

Same here, used to be the LT1 and now it’s the LT1 mini

Trusty Imalent

1850K E17A brass D4V2 with diffuser :sunglasses:

Ugh, what don’t I have right here…

SF47 and IF22A if I need something kickarse to see outside.

DC7 in case I need a ceiling-bounce light.

GTmicro on momentary mode for outside or inside quick blasts of light.

SC31T for warmer light when/if I need it.

i1Rwhatever, the Oilight captive-twisty that I have on a necklace-type lanyard.

Horseshoe-shaped reading-light (Litom?) with independent CW/WW/both L/R.

Catapult Mini, MH20, WK30, S2+ in UV (don’t ask), Zanflare lantern (T1?)…

Oh, who the Hell knows what else I got that fell off the table that I didn’t realise is gone yet?

I need help.

EDC Jetbeam TCR-1 w sw45k on the dresser

SC21 Pro w 660nm red on nightstand

Copper FWAA w dedome sw35 in bathroom


This one.

Reylight Pineapple (Brass)(219b 4000k)

I have two, but about 10 more on the dresser maybe 4 feet away.
One is a real oldy. It is a Fivemega 26650 host and Cryos head, with a XHP 50.2 P60 drop-in. Forward clicky switch, 3mode. A quick blast of light if needed. Copper wrapped pill very tight. It will run on high as long as I need it and never get too warm.

The second a Convoy M21B with, yup, an XHP 50.2. Surprisingly the lowest setting is fine for me. Not the fractional lumen setting some love. But my eyes need more than that to see anything. Plenty of light on max.
Then there are all of the light on the dresser within reach from sitting on the edge of the bed. I usually grab my current favorite 14500 light the TS10 for just navigating the house and not breaking my ankle on the dog toys…
Then, of course, there are at least a couple of lights in every other room in the house.

I also like gitd better than aux lights or a lighted switch. I mostly use gitd tape behind optics. Bright after use on a higer setting and it “auto” dims during the night.

What flashlight do you keep beside your bed?

Jetbeam RRT01 (w/ 18650 tube, triple XP-G2 S4 2B)
Skilhunt M200 (w/ 18350 tube, Samsung LH351D 5000K)
Blitzwolf BW-ET1 (2x14500, XHP50.2 4000K)
Sofirn SP10B “Pro driver” (1xAAm Luxeon V3 3000K)

I just can’t get enough :smiley:

UF-t20 host with Nichia 319A and a cheap LifeGear safety light with diffuser wand (green)

An old HDS original EDC, a U60, with a nice 219b SW45.

The locator flash will run for two years, making it the perfect bedside light, IMO.

I like Tritium :slight_smile:


I’m down to an Sofirn SP36 BLF, D4SV2, D4V1, Convoy M21B, S21A, plus a Sofirn C01S and Wurkkos TS10 in the drawer. All the lighted switches and aux leds are locked out.

My wife’s collection is even more interesting, but model #’s just won’t do. She has an old 26650 KDLITKER, a Convoy C8 (she loves the moonlight mode when’s she’s traveling), and these:

She wants a classic torch with the big head like the kids had in the Chronic What? cles of Narnia movie(s?). I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

Convoy S21A (B35AM 4500K) with a 60 degree TIR installed. Very reliable and produces a pleasant light.

The cheapest crappiest flashlight I own. The reason is I know it will get kicked on and abused.

Good question though.

TS10 4k with red aux next to bed, sp36 pro next to the front door…