What Happened To Brightlightmodules?


The wonderful, kind, generous folks at http://www.brightlightmodules.com/BLF/ allowed us (me, at least) to post images there, providing they were only for BLF use. I absolutely always honored their request, to show my greatest respect for their generosity. It was so easy I have most of the pictures in my posts stored there. They serve as a Most-Excellent Example of how that should be Done.

Okay, full disclosure, I couldn’t find any way to go back and delete or update any pictures, because as soon as I finished a post, the http://www.brightlightmodules.com/BLF/ page would be blank again. Yet the pix were always there in my BLF posts.

Now, my PC died & I was rebuilding my Bookmarks, so I went to retrieve a pic from a post (the only way I know how with brightlightmodules.com) and found ALL my pictures there to be missing.

Checking http://www.brightlightmodules.com/ (root URL) gives a “connection failure” error.

Anybody else know of these wonderful people, or what happened to them?

I’d gladly give what skills and knowledge I posses or can acquire to help them in any lawful way I can!!!


Site seems to be down. It could be a temporary thing.

For now if you need to post some images, you can PM me and I’ll upload them to my account and send you the links so you can use them.

Thanks, Kodachrome40!

I’m back to PostImage.org for now. They’re a close second, but they have an annoying habit of moving pictures around, which means I have to go back & edit posts on a semi-regular basis. Like I just have nothing but time on my hands… (I am grateful to them for providing the space! It would just be nice if they’d leave stuff where they put it to begin with, that’s all I’m saying.)

OTOH, I now have to edit such an enormous number of posts… No, I’m still in denial over it. And that’s not to mention re-discovering and reposting all the images from the last year or so………

:_( (where’s the “sobbing inconsolably” smiley?)

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