What happened to the Klarus Mi7 group buy thread????

Group buy thread for Klarus Mi7 disappeared ! Anyone know what’s up with that.

Oh, Klarus recalled all Mi7 because they realized that they should of included a pocket clip to make the light more complete. So everything is on hold until they ship out pocket clips to all suppliers to include with Mi7 orders.

Just kidding, i made all the above up —- but it would have been nice if they did included a removable pocket clip with the light.

It was deleted. I suspect MAP is what happened.

Yeh My first thought was BangGood offered it to us for a low ball price and it got nixxed.

Thumbscrews are in order… :smiling_imp:

LOL…had me going for a sec there.

Would be funny if everyone scurried over for the Manker E11… :innocent:

that’ll teach em…. :smiley:

Perhaps… I will never buy any Klarus light in the future (I never bought one anyway) :wink:

I’m guessing this wasn’t a Klarus issue, but rather BG. If that’s the case, then I’ll be done with them. We’ll wait to see what the word is. I know many of us have PM’d the OP, so hopefully we’ll privately find out what happened here soon.


E11 looks better anyway :slight_smile: Normal price is $29.95 so GB around $25 should be doable. I hate this MAP nonsense and greedy companies.


I’m only seeing the E11 in black. Seems there were a lot of blue lights wanted in the Klarus GB attempt. Personally, it was the blue and red versions that drove my desire for that as a gift item.

Well, one thing is for sure, i wont buy this light for 39 dollar :stuck_out_tongue:


With the amount of interest, over a 100 it could of gone to 200 or more who knows, that’s a lot of money even at $25 = 2500.00 to 5k. Now I think they shot themselves in the foot because everyone has been left with a bad taste because of there decision, will probably not sell as many. I will wait for a deal or code even if it’s 6 months from now, not worth the $40 they want. Oh well.

I’d buy it from GoingGear for their on-going 10% off and free shipping for $35. I called them today and said they will be getting them in once they’re released.

That is an option for you in the US but still to much i think because china offers free shipping. Thats why i hardly buy lights in the US, the import and shipping is way to much. Sometimes the shipping is more than the light itself. I want a maxpedition lunada gearslinger since ages because its expensive here and i always look at ebay US for a good offer, they always want to much for shipping. I saw the maxpedition for 70 dollar in the US, here it is 130 Euro.

The deal is still alive, just not public anymore :wink:

Or so I read before it was deleted…

I’ll wait then

Ah, so a special offer that no one can know about :wink:

I hope the Mi7 is worth all the interigue.

I’ve packed my jet on ice to cool and I’m waiting for word from Martin, I hope things get worked out because I’d still like one or two.