what happened to?

A few days ago there was a member doing some giveaways. The same guy that had a fire with his Xtar charger.

What happened to him and his giveaways? I thought he was in my watched posts, but seems not.


He stopped the giveaways, didn’t see why but saw his thread about it on the main page.

Do you remember his user name? His post seemed to have been removed, because I can't access his Xtar charger thread. Strange.


he came here and ranted and raved about his generosity, but never actually gave anything away? haha wow...

He and all of his posts the past 3 weeks have been relocated to the circular file.

his name was iseethelight

Oh, he and Pounder were best friends...;) hehe

Yes I remember he and pounder blowing kisses to each other!

So he was banned then, wow. He did seem to have a bit of an attitude.


lol yeah he was a real decent one..talking about winging pussies whatever that is..

I don't remember ever seeing anyone here getting banned. The other side yeah, but not here. Must have acted like a bit of a cock. What did he finally do to get fired off?


I contacted sb about him and yeah his posts were deleted. He had left the forum so sb decided to delete some of his posts since a large amount of them were offensive.

he ever send you your light?

Yep, I had been in contact with him after his last post. I'll post when I receive it.

Fair enough. You can't go round goading people in that way and expect to stay around.


I don’t think he was banned though.

He wasn't banned he left by choice and then after he left his posts were deleted.

Ah OK, good stuff. I think he maybe he got a little disillusioned with lion cells, by the sounds of it.


Very true.

And we never got to find out the truth about the alledged pms....

Sadly, I had been trying to get him to send them to me but his account got deleted.