What have I won?

Ugly brown turds. Anyone know about them?

I`ve heard that they are brown


Check this link: http://e-young.en.alibaba.com/product/683362874-210820225/LG_18650_3_7V_2_8Ah_2800mAh_ICR18650_battery_LGABC_11865_1pc_.html

A little Google search provided this. Enjoy!

Alibaba LGABC11865

What did you pull these from?

Sorry for the lack of Google.

These came out of one of those netbooks…

An Eee PC.

Which model netbook?


This had 6 of them in it

Does the pack have a "Made in ___ ; Cells made in ___" label?

Aww I did not capture all of the data in the photo, and the sticker is long gone…

no wonder my Asus EEE laptop’s battery pack die so early, i discovers sticky chemical leaks from the battery pack when typing on the keyboard couple months ago, not to mention the runtime was super short when using the battery pack, approximately 20 minutes only, shouldnt have thrown it away, maybe break it down can be useful for some info.

Apparently the battery pack I received had a circuit board issue, as all of the cells were charged and had a decent resistance rating on the dreamer; doing discharge capacity tests now.

These are LG ICR18650-C1 batteries, 4.35V, 2800 mAh nominal
Pretty old though (October 2010), so most likely they are very tired

Aww! Well I’ll let you know know what the Mah turns out to be. Resistance was ~130 on the dreamer.

pretty good cell

I have a few ....2010 isn't really that old .... Who knows with laptop pulls it's total crap shoot . If they're junk you'll know it

Still got the Asus EEE PC?

Not much of a computer but work GREAT for setting up Linux and running SSH tunnel thru it :wink:

You know that’s almost exactly what we are doing with it in one of our computer science electives at University… Setting up some SSL stuff, creating our own keys, etc.

But what exactly is SSH tunnel/ and used for?

Netbooks were never meant to replace a desktop or notebook.

This article covers usage pretty well:

I like to use JuiceSSH on android… SSH is very useful if you need your home rigs cpu/gpu power to process data while away. I know people use it for other things, but if you have a data plan on your phone, it’s easier to go that way. You can move things over cloud storage and buy cloud computing power- but you see where the fail in that is- become a puppet in a sea of puppets. It’s not private at all despite all the promises.

i also extracted these turds..

they are on diy lm317t charger for charging now when they reach 4.35 volts and current draw is less then 200 mA (as 4 are being charged in parrallel) i will give them some rest and do a discharge test on opus