What I got today ! Fri 18th Mar - 2011

I went to the letter box , just to check , since I hadnt heard the Postman .

To my surprise , there was a Package from the Good old USA ! My Nitecore Ex10 SP [ XP-E R2 Emitter ] has arrived . [ Darn fast too - Something for HK post to aspire to ]

Its nice and compact for a tail clicky RCR123A light [ About the same size as the Ultrafire WF-602C ]

I also odered the clip [ Love EDC with clip ] , as I like to carry with the light cliped to a pocket .. And the clip is very much up to the task , one of the best clips I have come across .

The small screws were a little fidly , but with a bit of fidling , the clip was attached .

The UI [ user interface ] is different for sure [ from the usual 5 mode lights ] . And takes a little getting used to [ a bit of fun ] .

ATM the button is a little stiff , but with use , I expect it will smooth out . [ I expect its a little stiff as the light seems very airtight and pressing the button seems to compress the air inside ]

Build quality is excellent [ as one would expect from Nitecore ] , and you can really feel it using the light [ Ok maybe I can understand why some folks like expensive lights ]

Good looking torch. Did you buy that one off of Boaz? So, the question is... How soon before that r2 turns into an xml? :)

Edit: I just read the sales thread where you thanked Boaz for the fast shipping. Question answered. Now, about that xml...

I was thinking more along the lines of XP-E R5 actually ..

But first I will have to find out how to open it [ head ] , if I can do it without killing it .

I know a few people have moded the light , but if memory serves , quite a few have been damaged as well ..

And from what I see so far [ review in a few days ] set up for the clicky is tricky [ tricky clicky ] ..

I will check to see how other folks have done it , and if its worth trying .. [ + This is my first Expensive ? light in quite a few years ]