What i had prior to joining BLF

Like, not very much :_(

And now, too much? :Sp :bigsmile:

How did your voyage look like?

I had MagLites until my sister walked up behind me camping one night with a 1xAA Cree Q5 light and said “dude, your flashlight sucks.”
She had bought several extras and gave me one of them. Then one day I realized that I use it so much, I’d be screwed if it ever stopped working, so I set out to find a backup on DealExtreme, and the rest is history :slight_smile:

Yeah… mine’s pretty much the same. Some years ago my brother showed me his spanking brand new Olight M20 and that was it.
It wasn’t so bad, actually, till I stumbled across something called the BudgetLightForum :stuck_out_tongue:

Then something mysterious took hold of me… I’m still trying to figure out what it is :slight_smile:

Hmmmm I didn’t really want to think about this question! Before joining I had a Trustfire X8 and a Skyray 818 and thought these were the best lights I had ever seen. Along with 4 very dodgy cells and an even worse charger.

I don’t have a photo of it all laid out but currently what I have bought purely since joining BLF is:


- FF4

- Thrunite TN31 (XM-L2)

- Thrunite TN30 (XM-L2)

- Thrunite Ti2

- Supbeam K40 (XM-L2, resistor mod)

- Eagletac SX25L3

- XinTD C8 V4 (XM-L2 T4 5B1, direct drive)

- Uniquefire UF-T20 (XM-L2, Qlite)

- Solarforce L2N (XM-L2)

- Solarforce Aviation (Fake Focal Price ones) x2

- MAXToch DX21 (XM-L2)

- Convoy S2 (XM-L2 3C, Qlite)

- Sunwayman D40A (Neutral white)

- Sunwayman V10R Ti+ (with AA Ext.)

- Starry Light SA-22 BLF edition

- Olight M10 Maverick

- Olight S10 Baton

- Niteye Eye10 TiC

  • Solarforce L2C (On Order)


- Nitecore i4 Charger

- Nitecore i2 Charger

- Thrunite MCC-4 Charger

- 12x Panasonic 3100mAh Protected Flat Tops

- 8x Panasonic 3400mAh Protected Button Tops

- 4x Panasonic 3400mAh Unprotected Flat Tops

- 4x Panasonic 2900mAh PD cells

- 4x Nitecore NL166 16340

- 1x Nitecore NL147 14500

- 2x Nitecore CR123A

- 2x Efest IMR18350 V2

- 2x Efest IMR10440 V1

- 1x King Kong ICR26650

- 4x Trustfire Flame 26650

- 2x Trustfire Flame 18650

- 8x Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA

  • Fluke 17B Multimeter

Then there is 3 segmented boxes with miscellaneous parts like emitters, drivers, wire, 7135 chips, Nyogel etc…

I have either gifted/sold about 8 lights and 14 cells to different people along the way as well.

That is over an 11 month period… Do you think I have caught the bug!? J)

But the funny thing is, what I have is but a drop in the ocean compared to some of the members on here!

I buy very slowly and deliberately. Since I joined I’ve picked up:

Solarforce L2P (grey)
IOS drop in, 4 mode (T6/3C, OP reflector)
XinTD SC-82 V4, 2 mode (T6/3C)
2 x Panasonic protected 3400
Nitecore i2

The L2P lives in my backpack and is part of my extended edc. It’s very versatile- I like the 4 modes. The nice C8 lives on my night stand. (It’s a little funny, those 2 lights aren’t that different in size, and have the exact same emitter and driver and use the same battery but are quite different in character and the way I think of them.)

Once I’m more comfortable with the whole li-ion battery thing and everything involved, I suspect I’ll wind up using mostly unprotected cells. Some things I want to test out, so I’ll probably be picking up from 2 to 5 more lights in the not too distant future, as well as possibly a USB battery bank.

8 lights after being here for 2 years?! Some serious self control there… Something I lack.

I’m in about ~50-70 lights deep, cells in each, various mod components, etc.

With about 15 mods waiting to be completed.

Hehh..we know you ain't got this one yet.....

bought a CRAP ebay IR light? a 502 body it came in, lol…

i ended up fabricating my own IR bodies for the “real” IR emitters, and… i DID have this empty host laying around… found a cheap walmart light i could put the pill into the “host” laying around empty…

…fooled around and got “hooked” having a decent flashlight (I thought i was a dyed-in-the-wool maglite 4D man before that happend, lol)

I was ONLY joining the “flashlight websight” (CP…lol) JUST for the purposes of learning about LED emitters and construction? for IR use only?

famous last words, I suppose… lol…


I have a lot of “crap lights”… i was a newbie, lol…

i am not ashamed at all, though, of my…

coast HP7, and my coast 550…… i will end up with the 4xAA and the 1XAA both as well, I am sure… i really like ZOOM lights… i practically get a woody when i touch off the coast hp550 on “high” and see the perfectly focused emitter… (i added a lens on the end of it, to FINISH the focusing job the COAST people started and left unfinished, lol… same thing to my HP7…)

i have got to start whipping up my own pills, i have to now to save money, LMAO…

Very nice koyote. Before I joined BLF l had a life. Addictions are hard to cure.

Haha I forgot the (on order) :stuck_out_tongue:

50-70 lights!! I love it! so many you don’t have exact count. :slight_smile:

makes me feel better about buying 2 lights this month 8)

If you ever get around to it how about a picture of your collection. I am sure it would be a sight to see.

Heh, thankfully a good chunk of them are < $10, otherwise I’d be even more broke.

I’d be more interested in seeing a high quality, massive collection of one of the guys who has been reviewing fenix/thrunite/etc heavily for a year or more.

Almost scared to count, but I probably have 40 or 50 flashlights currently, with about as many that I’ve given away. Mostly EDC size, name brand lights so I’m not buying those $300 monsters some of you are. And I give them away about as often as I buy them. 6 purchased last month I think. I own about the same number of knives—maybe more if you count the fixed blades. Recently started collecting watches again and it’s starting to catch up to my other hobbies—probably 20-ish now. This time around I’m mainly focusing on EDC watches and other than a few nice ones like the Tag and Movado, they’ve mostly been Citizen, Seiko and Casio. Casio has been making some decent analog watches lately, and I love my $50 Seiko 5.

Before BLF:

Mag 6D.

After BLF:

I have a shelf. It is about 18” deep by 40” wide.

I can no longer fit any lights onto it.

i always treasure my Fenix LD40,its my first high-end flashlight and i still use it until now but soon it will retire since Starry Light SA-22 on its way :8)

I bought a fenix LD20 R4 and a couple of zommies in 2008. That is the beginning of this. Now I have about 40 lights.
Most of them I consider good buys.

Happiness in that LED torches ran for ages on one set of batteries (2 x AA). Throw didnt matter, the fact I could use it, and use it, and use it and it was still as bright as the first time I turned it on.

Now I want spill, flood, and throw.

Started with an Energizer 2xAA maybe 7 led head for car duties (still got it)
Couple of Dolphins
And my sons light for cadets, a zoomie, no idea what it is. Not bad though.

Now I have
Maglite LED, was too cheap to pass up. Shocking donut on flood.
A DQG 26650 Tiny Triple
A Sunwayman v25c
Solarforce s2200
Soshine sc7 charger
4 Panasonic 3400B
Half dozen laptop pulls.

On route

Soon to be on route

I only had incandescent lights, some hand crank powered generic led, keychain button cell lights, and the best was a sipik sk68 (or it might have been a clone) — this was up to the beginning of 2013 and before I joined BLF.

Then I bought an EA4. After that I got hooked and bought numerous lights… EA8, D40A, i3s, BTU Shocker, various Convoy lights, V11R, SRT3, and many more. I went a bit overboard last year. No new lights this year.

What I had prior to joining BLF:

Now after being a BLF member for awhile:


Most of us are only about 3 flashlights away from standing on a street corner shouting “hey baby, want a date?” to get our fix.