What is Least Expensive AAA Light of Decent Quality

What is the least expensive AAA keychain light of decent quality? Price must be under $10, in case someone has recommendations which cost more than those listed. My own list includes;
Tacteagle E09 on Amazon for $7.99
Nitefox K3 $9.90 Amazon
Olight i3 eos $9.99 Amazon
I lean toward the Taceagle as I have not seen or had one fail, and they are the least expensive.

My purpose is to gift them.

I use the Nitefox K3 every single day!!
I like it, never had a problem with it!
The only thing I would change is the LED and put a neutral LED on it.

It is Low > Medium > High (no memory) and with a double twist you get Strobe!
It comes with box, diffuser and keyring.

It’s on my jeans everyday when I go out! My review here: “REVIEW”: NITEFOX K3 – AAA Keychain flashlight

It is a nice small AAA.
Thanks, Jerry

Glaree E03, like 8bux when I got ’em.

Zanflare F3, same with GB code.

Regular price, forget it. :laughing:

Hmm, whut’s with the ‘3’ in all these AAA lights?

“AAA” = 3בA’?

Bingo :smiley: :partying_face:

I have thought about getting this one several times, just haven’t pulled the trigger.
Description is different than picture and not sure about the modes. I like to start in low and this one has strobe.

I like the Zanflare F3.

Tank007 E13.
Around the $13USD but worth it.

I carry a Astrolux AO1 on my keyring. $7.50ish USD with coupon.
Perfect little light for close work.

I personally prefer to carry larger if I want to see past my toes.