What is the best 4.35v battery?

HKJ has the Samsung 30B and LG’s E1 and D1. Of these, it looks like the D1 is the best all-around. How does the Samsung 32A compare? Are there any others i should look at?

I have and use the LG D1 and agree is the best all around 4.35V cell.

I found this on the Samsung 32A vs the LG E1 but google translation was unable to work for me:

Hopefully someone can translate.

Bing does a better job of translating:

It looks like the 32A narrowly beats out the E1. I’m guessing it still falls short of the D1? Does anyone of experience with both the D1 and 32A?

Thanks for that, so I will be sticking with the LG D1.

Also want to mention that if you’re going with 4.35V cells then the Xtar SP1 is a great charger I use and recommend.
It’s only single cell charger but has .5A / 1A / 2A charging rates and the 2A is a great setting for these cells for speedy recharging.