What is the best 8xAA light?

I own a Fenix TK41 and I’m wondering if there is a better 8xAA light on the market. I used to really like the TK41 but I bought a EA4 with the XM L2 and a D40A with the XM L2 and I use these lights more because they are smaller and easier to carry. They don’t have the throw of the TK41 but overall light output is similar. I understand the EA8 isn’t really an improvement in output over the EA4.
I’m wondering if anyone makes a 8xAA light that ups the power over the others. If not, is there any reason why someone couldn’t make a 8xAA light that would be a some what more powerful light than the others?

Dude, you don't know about the Nitecore EAX hammer? It's the new 8xAA king on the block, lol

I can’t wait to see a review on this beast or to be honored to be able to review this beast (nudge nudge Nitecore) :wink:

No, I didn’t know about that one. Looks interesting. Who sells them and how much do they cost? Anyone have one yet?

I hope the rubber switch is better quality than the one on my EA4.

They’re rather new, I haven’t heard from anyone who has one in their hands.


About $150. A few other vendors have it too.

I see that they have them at Going Gear. I’m only about 5 miles from them. I will have to go over and take a look. Thanks for the quick response.

I have been thinking about getting this one as well.If you pick one up please do a quick review and tell us what you think of it.The EA8 is a bit differant that the EA4.The 8 has a much larger reflector (better throw) and a lower low mode.The tint of my EA8 is also a bit warmer than that of my EA4.I am curious to see if the new EAX has a step down timer from turbo and what that duration might be.I havn’t seen it mentioned in the Nitecore supplied specs.Make sure to stock up on some Eneloops/duraloops and a good charger, your gonna need them! :slight_smile:


If it turns out to be great I am fully prepared to drop $150 and another $30 or so on some eneloop XX (after I sell some lights). I just can’t justify that much without a review.

I have plenty of enloops and good chargers. MaHa 9000 and Nitecore i4. Although I have lots of good 18650 lights, I have a soft spot in my heart for good AA lights. I have 3 4xAA lights. EA4, D40A and Jetbeam PA40. Got the Jetbeam first, (after the TK41) and really liked the light even though it didn’t throw very far. Picked up the EA4 and really liked it until I started having the problems with the rubber boot switch. It’s a little warmer tint than the D40A but it throws just a little better. Over all, I like the D40A the best. I like the moonlight mode of this light. I like the flashing battery indicater on the EA4. I just don’t think the quality is up to par with the D40A. I do like the carbon body on the PA40 when it’s cold outside.

I had the TK41 once, and regret selling it! Great flashlight, and my first “lumen and throw monster” too (coming from 2xAA lights only, before that). I planned in getting an EA8 but those gummy switches Nitecore put in the EA series really do not give me much confidence. I have an EA4 though, and it’s a great light with amazing beam.

instead of Hammer they should name it Mjolnir :slight_smile:

So, why would they opt for 8x AA instead of 2x D-cell?
Or, how are the AA’s configured? 2S4P? 4S2P??

IIRC the TK41 was 4S2P.
8xAA cells should offer more mAh than 2xD cells, but I’m not 100% sure of this.

Provided we are talking about a 2s4p arrangement, two D batteries will have the same mAH as 8 AA batteries. However, with 8 AA batteries, you can put more in series for a higher voltage.

Chadwack, did you ever get one?I ordered one this weekend, should be here by Wen.

Not yet. I haven’t had a chance to get over to Goinggear to see one yet. I might wait a week until my birthday so I have an excust to buy one. Lord knows I don’t need one but if we were talking need, I would only have a couple flashlights. I would love to hear your thoughts when you get it. So far, what little I have been able to find on this light, makes me think this will be a great light.

I made it over to Goinggear today and got to play with a few different lights. First was the EAX Hammer. This isn’t a review, just my initial impressions. The body of the light is smaller than I thought it would be and the head a little larger than I expected. Shorter than expected and smaller overall than my TK41. It feels much more solid than the TK41. It was daytime in the store and kind of hard to judge the overall output of the light. I was only able to judge it by comparing it to some of the other lights they have on display there that I happen to own. Shiningat the back of the store which was about 50 feet and looking at the hot spot and spill of different lights. It compares well with my high output lights. Totally blows away lights in the 1000 lumen range. Lots of spill with a good amount of throw. The rubber switch button looks to be much improved from my EA4 which I expected it to be. UI is the same as my EA4

I will probably buy one in a week or so and I feel it will probably become one of my very favorite lights. Very solid and looks to be well made. It’s not an EDC light but still not too large to carry in a belt holster or a a large coat pocket.

I stand corrected, you are right. :slight_smile:

Glad you got a chance to play with one Chidwack2.Mine was supposed to be delivered today but got lost in a USPS black hole.It stopped tracking after it left Georgia.I hope it get’s here by tommorrow, I was planning to take it to the cabin in WV this weekend. :~

My bet is that you will really like your new light. Have fun.