What is the best budget flashlight?

Hello everyone,
I’m a newbie who needs some advice.

What is the best budget flashlight?

I had a Surefire G2 LED (80 lumens).
I really liked it, but I misplaced it.
I noticed that the G2 LED is now discontinued.
The surefire G2X pro (200 lumens) is very nice but it’s expensive ($95 dollars).

I do not need the flashlight for anything specific, but I have grown accustomed to a bright flashlight.
I used my G2 just to check up on my pets in the back yard.

I was looking around on ebay and came across an Ultrafire 501B.
Much cheaper, but I’m afraid that I would be buying a poor quality flashlight.

Any recommendations?

One more question, are LED flashlights that use 123A batteries better than flashlights that use 18650 or AAA batteries?

Thank you in advance,

The best budget flashlight is Sipik 3-mode clone SK68. I dont have it but i am a snob anyway.

Need to be more specific. Best for what use? How budget? Price range will help. Seems to me you are looking for something along the lines of Sure G-2. There are many lights out there that are better than the SF G2 and are less expensive at the same time.

For $10-15 you can get an Ultrafire 2100. That would be a good place to start.

Are you looking for high portability? If not then i can suggest a trustfire 3t6. It has about 1200 OTF lumens. Although it is pretty heavy due to the heatsink and thick metal battery tube. This is pretty much a floody, very bright mace

Edit: they are around $33 on ebay and are great for the backyard or on high power illuminatig a whole room with ceiling bounce.

lol, from Surefire to Ultrafire? You must be kiddin’ :bigsmile:
No, really, what’s your budget? What size do you want? (1xAA, 1 or 2 CR123…)

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I think a solarforce L2 P60 host is as good a place to start out as any. You can lego in-out various P60 drop ins, get a feel for whats out there, and let your preferences develop.

Skip the 501B its not that great a light for the $$. Its somewhat thin walled compared to the 502, 503B and solarforce hosts, and has a shallower bezel area so overall its not as efficient at conducting heat away from the pill. My favorite Ultrafire P60 hosts are the C1 and 503B. Both are well made lights for the $$. I could very happily use either of these in place of my solarforce and surefire P60 hosts. The 503B in my collection gets regular use and I am very happy with that ~$15 purchase. But these opinions are based around the fact that 18650 remains my preference. I wouldn’t consider an 18650 Lithium chemistry “better” than any other. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. So it (again) is about developing your preferences.

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Welcome to BLF, djlod Enjoy your time here. :slight_smile:

Can you give us a $$ amount of what you consider to be “budget”, and what kind of batteries you want to use in it?

I'd say 18650 is much better it's simple and probably one of the most researched batteries out on the market today since there are millions and millions of them in laptops and many other products out there running one 18650 is much less dangerous than multiple cr123 batteries .Pound for pound dollar for dollar they are a great value and a clear winner for todays flashlights . https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/9893

I like the solarforce L2m host for about 10~15$ it's built well and a solid p60 host with nice adonizaion and a solid tail clicky that will take the amperage . It has the ability to run multiple different set ups and various battery types .either a 16340 which is just a rechargeable cr123 or a fatter 18340,Which holds alot more juice and still stays a short lil light ..An 18650 and if you add another battery tube you can even run 2AA's or 3AA's. there are also lots of bezel options ,tail cap options and many many p-60 drop in options . The problem with the ultrafires is the quality drops pretty dramatically and there are lots and lots of fakes of the fakes .I suggest people only buy one cheap ultrafire p60 type light and only because some of the prices are stupid ridiculously low .

I'll recommend this light > http://www.dinodirect.com/led-flashlightcree-xre-white-led-240lm-4mode-waterproof.html


the more i use it the more i like it

http://www.solarforceflashlight-sales.com/product_detail.php?id=485&s=2&t=FB 13$

http://www.solarforceflashlight-sales.com/product_detail.php?id=22&s=2&t=FB 10$

almost the exact same light

Thank you for all the replies.

I plan to use the flashlight around the house and for it to be somewhat portable.

A friend mentioned that some people use very bright flashlights for home protection (to disorient a would be intruder)?
Do people use flashlights for home protection?

I would like to spend $10-20, but no more than $30-40.

Sounds like LED flashlights that use 18650 are more popular.

The P60 assembly sounds great also.
How much is a P60 drop-in?

Change that to “XML LED” and I think you are on track.

” djlod … I had a Surefire G2 LED (80 lumens). I really liked it ”

I recommend that you consider the Solar Force P1

It has a style & feel you will already be comfortable / familiar with.
It will accept both cr123 & 18650 batteries, so you can use any 123
batteries you already have on hand :wink: I like the flexibility of being able
to use either battery. :slight_smile:
You can buy 18650’s and charger at a later time.
The XML, will be much brighter that the stock G2 or G2 pro.
The price including shipping will come in within your budget
And far less than buying another G2.
The P1 is (IMO ) a better quality light …

Also available in od green , yellow & tan…
Solar Force also offers excellent quality batteries , chargers and holster.

You asked about 18650 vs cr123. The 18650 is a better battery.
They have a much larger capacity, which provides a much
longer run time than a pair of cr123’s.
( you won’t need to change batteries as often )

There are numerous reviews here on BLF about this light
This one in particular is a testament to it’s quality.

I can tell you from personal experience that the bezel on a g2 will not withstand the temperatures recorded here… :frowning:

If you really want another G2, let me know. I just may be of help ! :wink:

The best bang for your buck small single 18650 flashlights I know are these.

Jacob A60 from Deal Xtreme for around $15 shipped
Small Cun C10 from same place for about the same price
Keygos KE-5 from cwtco off ebay for $19.99 shipped

The best value bang for your buck 2 18650 flashlight is the FandyFire STL-V6 for around $45 shipped

And there is another Small Sun clone to the Sunwayman T40CS that I have on order from manfont for I believe around $24 shipped that I’m hoping will be another best of the best for your money.


UF T-50

It's a pleasure to know you, djlod!


super bright hotspot and usable spill and its on sale, u wont find a cheaper c8!!

not to mention its tough as nails, i droped it from first flooor of 2 story buildling by accident and it still works fine !!!

I get PM'd this question several times a week and I usually say get an L2, L2P or L2M and the 3-mode UF XM-L from Manafont. (SKU 5720)

I now think the best budget flashlight is either an L2 with an E1320 drop-in or some kind of C8 with an E1320 driver upgrade. On the other hand, the price and versatility of an L2M makes that a good choice.

Now that I think about it, there is no best budget flashlight. I also think a Solarforce host is the best, budget or no.