What is the biggest/Deepest reflector you can fit inside a Maglite D head or C head?

Hi all,
I managed to put Kaidomains 50mm optic with great success and The Kaidomain 50mm SMO reflector as well as Maglite LED factory reflectors inside the bezel.

Now, I been thinking what else is there that will offer a ton of throw (no aspherics)

I am willing to buy a complete sub $30 dollar light to recycle the reflector if that’s an option.

Thank you,

You only open to stock maglite heads? I have a machined head that fits on a maglite and is way larger than the stock head (has a reflector too) PM me if you are interested and I can send you photos, if not and you want to keep the stock head then you can just ignore this lol

thanks livingloud…just sent you a PM.

I have purchased some 3C Defiant LED flashlights from homedepot. They were like $15 for 2 of them. I used those in some Maglites I built for Christmas gifts. Deeper than Maglite LED but 2mm thinner. Still fit thought.

Just seeing what other options out there.