what is the brightest and floody budgetlight on 2* 18650

I’m thinking about buying a 3t6 since these are nowadays around $ 30,- dollars and then the 2* 18650 version. What is the brightest floody alternative for max $ 50,-. I don’t want to use more the 2* 18650. Becuase most use 3 and then I find them to long.

I’m doubting if I should wait for a 3* U2, U3 version because these leds start to come available.

Sky Ray King

You can run it on just 2 18650 cells if you want. If they’re good cells, it will be almost as bright on just 2 (but with less runtime of course).

Can get a black one that runs U2’s from CNQG if you can stretch the budget.

How floody do you want? Something like the Small Sun ZY-T13 from Manafont for $24 could be the answer if you want super floody. Just unscrew the head and take it off. Can’t get more floody than an exposed XM-L. Runs on 2x18650.

I have two XTAR 2600 cells. Never thought about that the skyray king could run on just 2 cells. Stupid me. But how would it compare to the 3t6.

I don’t want super floody. I would prefer flood above throw is what I mend. I would also like to be able to see the surroundings instead of just on small bright spot. I considerd the ZX-T13. But it’s only 1 XM-L I think the 3t6 should be much brighter, right?

The Small Sun is not a floody light. The 3t6 or King would be a much better choice given your preferences.