What is the brightest (throw or flood) manufactured (non-custom) single 18650 flashlight - at ANY cost?

And I don’t mean claimed lumens.

I can’t find any lights that have tested (or at least stated by a manufacturer with a reliable track record) for more than 882 lumens (Thrunite TN11S per turboBB).

Zebralight SC600 for sure.

selfbuilt measured 760 lumens. I wonder if turboBB’s and selfbuilt’s tests are consistent??

ultrafire uf 980l is probably one of the brightest

Foy estimated it at about 900 lumens….

If you're willing to move up to 26650 you can get 3k lumens from an Elektrolumens blaster.

Well, I’d say the best thrower will be HD2010. Looks like there no noticeable difference between 26650 and 18650 :stuck_out_tongue:

I think ElektroLumens is more custom…

Foy’s review doesn’t include a lumen estimate.

I hear the Thrunite TN31 is a mean thrower, but I haven’t got that one yet. I hopefully am going to get one for Christmas. At least that is the plan unless my mind changes. I do have a Fenix TK70, and it’s one bad thrower spill combo. It’s the brightest best throwing led flashlight I have I do believe. Yes it weighs 3lbs with batteries, but it’s bad to the bone the way it illuminates my neighbors backyard with authority.

Thanks for the info, but they’re not single 18650 lights.

Yeah, Foy, include low exposure beamshots of 980L and HD2010 :stuck_out_tongue: :crown:

I disagree considering he keeps a stock of them and they are ready to ship the next day.

I would have to say either the 980L or the HD2010 would be your two best choices and I have both and I would pick the HD2010…

I missed that part.

I would say the UltraFire 980L.

stop guessing who has both lights beamshots !!

I’d love to see beamshots, the Hd2010 is supposed to have around 50k lux? I have one ordered, I’d also like to see how the Crelant 7g9 does :wink: at $46 it probably won’t compete with the UF 2010 though.
The Keygos is the only throwy XML I have in hand and it’s pretty cool but doesn’t have enough reflector to go the Distance :wink:

“What is the brightest (throw or flood) manufactured (non-custom) single 18650 light - at ANY cost?”

That’s a good question that most everybody strayed from. Oveready sells a P60 size drop in light engine that in a 18650 size host produces 1400 lumens using 2 x 18350 batteries or 1000 lumens using a single 18650. Obviously if your light will fit a 18650 it will also fit 2 x 18350’s. I own both the H/M/L and the L/M/H versions that I use in various hosts. Here is the link:


So what do I win? :wink:

Trustfire X6 has an Sst90, can be run on one or two 18650’s
If you used an IMr 18650 it may be decent , a coworker had one and on a cheap cell it still out throws my Pelican 7060led
Not sure on output :wink: